Boost Your Online Presence & Reach More Clients With This Carmel SEO Agency

Dec 9, 2016

SEO experts at JFT Marketing launched full digital marketing solutions for local Carmel businesses. JFT Marketing is your one stop shop for everything you need to establish a trustworthy online presence that will get you more clients, earn you more respect, and ultimately skyrocket your profit!

JFT Web Marketing, a SEO digital marketing agency based in Carmel, Indiana, launched a comprehensive range of digital marketing services for local businesses.

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Online marketing has grown to impressive proportions over the last decades, as more and more people turn to different online services in making their consumer choices. Recent surveys show that up to 90% of all customers used online reviews or search engines in deciding which online business to buy from.

For a business without an online presence, this could potentially mean a doubling of future clients. The stakes are obviously extremely high.

Google traffic is another important aspect that determines businesses to invest in online marketing. Studies show that more than 60% of all the traffic for any keyword goes to the three highest ranking results, making for a fierce competition for a visible search spot.

As Google constantly expands its ranking algorithm, amateur SEO is no longer sufficient. SEO expertise is essential in optimizing a website, as increasing complex ranking factors such as html code or web indexing gain more value.

Social media marketing has further expanded online markets, reaching more people than ever before. Brand awareness has become so important, that companies are willing to invest millions in social media campaigns.

JFT Web Marketing offers complete SEO and digital marketing solutions for business across the United States. Unlike most SEO agencies specializing in search optimization only, JFT Web Marketing offers a host of additional internet marketing services.

The Carmel company offers SMO (social media optimization), focusing on creating a trustworthy brand with an increased market reach. Target markets study plays an important factor in the company’s services, helping businesses reach specific target populations.

JFT Web Marketing also offers web design services, creating websites that run well on all platforms. Since mobile recently surpassed desktop searches, having a website that responds well on all devices is crucial to business success.

Finally, the Carmel SEO digital marketing company provides interested clients with free initial consultations.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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