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May 23, 2017

Obvious Marketing Ltd, a London marketing agency, launched a new service for businesses interested in improving their marketing strategy. The company offers one-day comprehensive audits highlighting potential marketing, branding and digital reputation issues. Full marketing consultancy and digital marketing services are also provided.

Obvious Marketing Ltd, a marketing agency based in London, announced new services for businesses looking to optimize their marketing efforts. The company offers a one-day comprehensive marketing audit, helping businesses identify any potential issues related to their overall marketing strategy, business branding, digital marketing, advertising campaigns and other areas.

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Recent years have seen important developments in marketing and advertising, as the growth of online resources has brought new challenges to businesses in all industries. Online marketing has become crucial for overall business success, and branding and reputation are similarly important for businesses looking for sustainable growth.

Obvious Marketing Ltd is a London marketing company offering a wide range of business consultancy and marketing services for small and mid-size businesses looking to implement effective marketing strategies.

The company has recently announced a one-day full marketing audit, in an effort to provide an accessible solution for businesses to identify potential issues with their marketing efforts.

With its new service, Obvious Marketing aims to help clients understand the importance of clear, solid branding and marketing transparency towards the target audience, believing that a clear, no-nonsense presentation of the products and services is essential.

“We’re called Obvious Marketing because we believe so many business owners overlook the obvious when implementing their marketing strategies.”, said Sam Waterfall, founder of Obvious Marketing Ltd. “Consumers need to understand the brilliantly simple yet powerfully compelling idea at the core of each business, not the intricate details that business owners know only after years of experience. We help our clients use that idea to create effective marketing campaigns that work through honesty and transparency, rather than glamorous-but-useless jargon.”

As well as providing comprehensive marketing audits, the marketing agency offers business coaching, digital marketing, brand strategy consulting, mobile app creation, video marketing and various other services.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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