Boost Google Organic Rankings for Your Brookhaven, GA, Dental Practice With SBO

May 30, 2024

Don’t wait around for your patients to find you, make sure they notice you with My Tooth Media’s marketing program for dentists in Brookhaven, GA! Utilizing SEO and Google autocomplete optimization, this agency will make you dominate the first SERP!

Google Autocomplete Optimization for Dentists in Brookhaven, GA

Are you ready to take on new patients and grow your Brookhaven, GA, practice? Then My Tooth Media is here for you! This dental marketing agency will give your organic rankings a real boost with a Google Autocomplete Optimization Program!

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By placing your clinic in the autosuggest box of search engines like Google and Bing, the agency aims to improve your local online visibility and help you expand your operations!

Affordable SEO Alternative for Organic Rankings

Considering that Google has reported that over 70% of searches use the autocomplete function, appearing in the droplist can be an efficient online visibility strategy. My Tooth Media’s Google Autocomplete Optimization Program provides you with an affordable SEO alternative that helps you increase organic rankings and establish authority.

Up to now, in order to truly compete, you would have to SEO yourself to the top of page 1 and pay for every click from your customers in a pay-per-click campaign,” a spokesperson for the company said. “Now you can bypass the competition, eliminate pay-per-click and own the entire organic search results.

The Importance of Organic Search Results

According to Forbes, 45% of all website visits on search engines in 2022 came from organic search results. Furthermore, the first result on the first SERP (search engine result page) had an average CTR (click-through rate) of almost 28%, compared to the second result, which had a 16% CTR. Only 0.44% of Google searches resulted in a visit to the second SERP, underlining the importance of high organic rankings to increase qualified website traffic.

SEO or Autocomplete Optimization- Which is Better?

SEO is a common practice among many agencies to improve organic rankings. While My Tooth Media utilizes some SEO methods, Google Autocomplete Optimization has several advantages. For example, SEO takes 6-8 months for a company to potentially achieve one spot on the first SERP, whereas search box optimization is fully operational after 60-90 days and will attain all ten organic top spots on the first SERP.

Think of Autocomplete-Optimization as SEO on steroids. The differences are vast and will allow a business to dominate their market and their industry,” the company spokesperson said.

About My Tooth Media

The agency is based in California but offers its local and national Google Autocomplete Optimization Programs to dentists across the country. In addition, the company has dental marketing solutions like local ads and an automated lead-generating chatbot.

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