Boost Email Capture Rates & Grow Your List With Pop-Up Overlays Software

Jun 7, 2024

With Covert Leads by Joshua Zamora, you can grow your audience, build your email list, and ultimately make more sales through eye-catching, fully customizable pop-up forms!

If you want to build your list and sell more products through email marketing, MunchEye recommends Covert Leads by Joshua Zamora. It's the ideal solution for pop-up lead capture on any website!

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Grow your audience more effectively

You just have to connect your domain and email responder, and then customize one of the pre-built templates, which can be adjusted to your theme and style preferences. Every time a prospect enters their email address, they are synced automatically with your CRM or ESP, building your email list.

Email marketing is a key channel for engaging with customers, particularly in the e-commerce sector, Joshua Zamora explains. According to a study by Backlinko, 51% of online shoppers in the US prefer receiving discounts via email over other options such as in-app notifications, SMS, and push notifications.

Harness the power of email marketing

With studies demonstrating that almost all users check their email every day, 62% of marketers have increased their budgets over the past 12 months, according to SeQuel Response and ISG data, investing more resources into refining their email strategies and maximizing the impact of their campaigns.

Covert Leads integrates with popular email marketing platforms like Sendiion and Aweber via API, while also offering the flexibility to connect with any other platform through an HTML form. This means that the software can be easily integrated regardless of your existing tech stack.

Customize your forms with ease

With this software, you have a high level of control over the display and behavior of your pop-up forms - such as defining when the pop-up appears, how it is positioned on the page for optimal engagement, and the behavior it displays when a visitor closes it and later returns to the site.

Covert Leads is designed to work with any website, irrespective of the underlying platform or content management system.

A spokesperson states: "Our pop-ups are based on proven templates, and use tactics deployed by all the big sites to maximize traffic, leads, and sales."

Covert Leads can be a superpower for growing your list and taking your business to the next level!

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