Book VIP Hiking Vacations Plans For University Students At Travel Agency Rates

Jun 1, 2024

After months in the classroom, it’s time for college students to hit the trail. But backpacking is more than a vacation – it’s a way to restore physical and mental health. Travorium, an emerging booking site, offers members-only rates on travel packages.

Final exams are over, and after months in front of a computer, you're ready to touch some grass. A backpacking trip is just what the doctor ordered, but you'll need a rucksack full of cash to pay the bill.

Are there better options than the big travel sites? Ones that won't cost a summer's worth of tips? With Travorium, there is. The emerging booking site offers travel agency rates on backpacking packages, excursions, rental cars, and more.

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The Outdoors Is Great For You

After semesters cooped up studying, you learned what the experts already knew - that spending time outdoors is critical to your physical and mental health. People who hike learn to be adventurous, learn respect and empathy, and learn to care for the environment, according to experts at the American Hiking Society. They also reduce their chances of obesity.

Backpacking costs can vary significantly, depending upon the location and activities. Destinations in the United States, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are usually more expensive, experts say. Eastern Europe and Asia tend to cost less.

A Great New Way To Book Travel

Regardless of your destination, you can make your trip more affordable by using Travorium. The site offers members-only rates on lodging, excursions, rental vehicles, and more. Some customers cut their costs up to 70 percent below retail rates. And its price comparisons back it up.

Many well-known travel sites increase their rates to pad their profits. Travorium, however, eliminates unnecessary fees and other optional costs to bring travel-agency rates to their members. The company works with establishments in more than 2,000 destinations worldwide.

Great Outdoor Options, Across the Globe

Some of Travorium's most popular booking options include:

  • Bali, Indonesia, where backpackers can retire to a traditional Balinese resort after a day of exploring
  • Florence, Italy offers those who have dreamed of backpacking Europe a base camp near the medieval town of Celle sul Rigo, Italy
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, which lies within driving distance of several national parks.

Travorium offers its members unique vacation opportunities and allows them to grow income to afford travel expenses. You can build wealth from anywhere using your mobile device, and use travel points to buy down prices at partner establishments as your direct sales network grows.

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