Book Luxury Resorts With Excursion Deals For Single Travelers At Agent Prices

Jun 6, 2024

Everyone should travel by themselves at least once in their life, experts say, but they aren’t the ones footing the bill alone. Travorium, an emerging vacation site, offers solo backpackers four-star resort packages with excursion plans at members-only rates.

Seeing your sister's vacation pictures leaves you dying to take a trip this summer. But getting your squad's schedules to line up would take an act of God. But you couldn't travel alone... or could you? While it may sound intimidating at first, solo travel creates amazing opportunities you can't experience vacationing with a group. But it leaves you holding the bill alone, too.

If you could afford to travel on your own, would you do it? With Travorium, you can. The only question is, will you?

An Audience of One

Independent travel is a foreign concept to many, but some say it’s the only way to go. Scheduling a solo trip ensures you get to see whatever you want. You can move at your own pace and enjoy your bucket-list attractions without rushing - and you build your confidence and problem-solving skills to boot.

Imagine, hiking an intriguing trail as long as you wish, without anyone asking how much longer it will take. Or spending as much time as you want in a museum you've always dreamed of exploring. And then heading to a hidden gem restaurant for dinner, without anyone else grumbling about the food offerings.

Footing the Bill

But the lack of frustration often comes at a cost. There's no level of problem-solving that can cut your travel costs in half. Without Travorium, that is.

The emerging booking site offers members-only rates on nearly all aspects of your vacations. Lodging, excursions, rental cars, cruises, and more can be found, at prices well below retail rates.

Most major travel sites significantly raise their rates so they can grow their bottom lines. Travorium, however, cuts extra fees and other unnecessary costs to bring prices to their members well below the prices commonly found online - some customers save up to 70 percent off retail rates.

Destination: Anywhere YOU Choose

Travorium partners with resorts in more than 2,000 destinations. You can select from locales exploring rugged wilderness, ancient villages, or modern metropolitan areas - the booking site offers all three options and more:

  • Explore the island of Martinique from the home base of a villa just 300 meters south of the center of the Dimant.
  • History buffs may prefer to make their base in the Valle del Rigo near Florence, Italy, with easy access to the medieval town of Celle sul Rigo.
  • Those who prefer more urban environments can set up base in a five-time award-winning resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Solo travel is freeing because it doesn’t depend upon others’ schedules and interests, experts say. And Travorium can make it a reality.

“Travorium allows people to carve out time out of their busy lives to travel and experience a world most people only dream of,” a company representative said. “Through vacationing with us, you can create unforgettable life experiences.”

Travorium’s unique direct sales model allows you to build income from anywhere using your mobile devices. Members earn travel points each month, and compound their opportunities as their network grows.

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