Book Honeymoon Resort Plans For Recently Engaged Couples At Travel Agent Rates

Apr 23, 2024

With wedding expenses rising, many engaged couples are looking for ways to save money on their honeymoons. But they shouldn’t compromise on the part of the celebration that’s just for them. Travorium, a secret travel booking platform, offers resort packages welcoming newlyweds.

If your wedding day is all about you and your partner, why do you spend so much money on everyone else? Tempted to cut back on your post-wedding plans to afford appetizers for your guests? Well, don't!

Your honeymoon is all about the two of you, and you shouldn't compromise as you start your new life together. Could a resort package from Travorium help you make the most of your honeymoon without breaking the bank? If you want to learn more, visit

More Expenses, Fewer Options

Wedding costs have been trending upward for a while, and this year is no exception, according to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal. In 2023, wedding budgets averaged $30,000, and many couples are budgeting between $30,000 and $50,000 for 2024 events, according to the article. Industry experts blame the persistent increase on rising operational costs, which they're passing along to their customers.

In some parts of the country, it's possible to put together an intimate wedding for $5,000 or less, according to the report. But even so, the average honeymoon costs almost that much - at least paying retail rates. Finding ways to lower expenses for both events may help give you a better financial start in your new life together.

A New Solution Can Save The Day

Travorium, an emerging booking engine, offers five-star resort stays at travel-agent prices to couples looking for affordable honeymoon options. While traditional booking platforms increase their rates to pad their bottom line, Travorium cuts unnecessary fees to provide wallet-friendly prices on resorts, cruises, rental cars, excursions, and more. Some users save up to 70 percent off retail rates.

Some of the top-rated honeymoon destinations for 2024 include Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, and Florida, according to The Knot. Travorium users can book lodging in popular places like Florence, Bali, the Mexican Riviera, Waikiki, and Orlando, but the platform collaborates with resorts in more than 2,000 destinations worldwide.

Making It Work For You

Partnering with Travorium is a unique opportunity for couples to begin an exciting adventure together, representatives for the company say. Starting your shared life by regularly experiencing new places and cultures helps keep things fresh and ensures you're making memories together.

“You can partner with us and by helping others to do the same, you’ll be able to realize your dreams and enjoy the lifestyle, fun, and freedom that you might have never thought was possible before now!” a company official said.

Travorium’s revolutionary model lets you build income from anywhere in the world using your mobile device. You earn travel points you can use to buy down prices on stays or other travel-related expenses. The direct sales platform gives you more rewards and residual income as your network grows.

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