Boise ID Ophthalmology Clinic Offers Affordable Eye Care Plan for The Uninsured

Dec 4, 2020

Is lack of vision care insurance preventing you from seeing an optometrist? Clear Eye Total Eye Care of Boise, ID has an in-house plan that will fit your budget!

Dealing with vision problems but don’t have health insurance? Clear Eye Total Eye Care has a plan for you.

Boise, ID-based Clear Eye Total Eye Care announces the launch of its in-house vision care plan. This new offering makes it more affordable for uninsured patients like you to get the eye care you need.

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This new plan was launched in response to the fact that private and government health plans often have sparse coverage for vision care. Dr. Blake Bingham, the clinic’s principal, adds that many people have eye problems but the cost of treatment prevents them from getting a checkup.

If you cannot afford traditional health plans or have insufficient eye care coverage, this in-house insurance plan offers excellent value. Clear Eye Total Eye Care caters to patients in the cities of Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, as well as greater Ada County.

You may apply for the in-house care plan by calling the office or setting up an in-person appointment. The plan may also be customized to better suit your needs and budget.

By being part of the program, you can enjoy significant savings when getting the clinic’s top-notch services. This includes significant discounts for Clear Eye Total Eye Care’s signature comprehensive eye examination.

If you need glasses, you can also get big savings on the clinic’s stylish frames and high-quality lenses. The discount also extends to Clear Eye Total Eye Care’s contact lenses.

The vision care plan starts with affordable monthly payments that are much less than standard health insurance policies. Dr. Bingham adds that their plan is especially suited for patients who require long-term eye care.

The clinic also accepts private vision insurance from providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, and Spectera. It provides full-service eye care ranging from examinations to LASIK surgery.

Dr. Bingham says: “Your eyesight is invaluable, but oftentimes the cost of eye care makes it hard for you to get regular checkups. Our in-house vision care plan offers people a more affordable way to get the care they need.”

With Clear Eye Total Eye Care’s affordable in-house vision care insurance, getting checkups and treatment has never been this affordable. Sign up for the plan today!

You can find more information about Clear Eye Total Eye Care through the URL above.

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