Body And Back Shaver Comes With An Extendable Handle & Stainless Steel Blades

Mar 30, 2023

Shaving those hard-to-reach places can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Thankfully, the Back & Body Shaver 3.0 from Fuze Brands is up for the challenge!

Body And Back Shaver Comes With An Extendable Handle & Stainless Steel Blades

Shaving your back and body hair has never been easier thanks to Fuze Brands!

Their Back & Body Shaver 3.0 allows you to get a cleaner and closer shave in those hard-to-reach places. The shaver features four stainless steel blades and comes as part of three different shaving kit bundles.

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Though there are many useful options when it comes to shaving your face, there are only a few effective options for trimming your body hair, and the available options usually can’t reach the desired parts of your body or are not sharp enough to provide a consistent shave. Fuze Brands’ Back & Body Shaver 3.0 solves both of these problems at an affordable price.

The Back & Body Shaver 3.0’s four stainless steel blades are capable of shaving both wet and dry skin. The sharpness and angle of the blades provide a smooth and even shave that is pain-free and non-irritating. Though the blades are replaceable, the steel used to make them is designed to hold its sharpness longer than most commercial blades, significantly reducing replacement frequency.

For maximum reach, the Back & Body Shaver 3.0 comes with an extra-long adjustable handle, allowing for easier shaving of your back, shoulders, waist, and legs. The handle’s curved neck also allows the shaver to contour your body, eliminating accidental nicks and cuts.

Using the Back & Body Shaver 3.0 is simple. First, install the head into the handle and adjust the length as required. Then gently press the bottom of the blade against the back and slowly pull the blade up and down to start shaving. If needed, the shaver can also be detached from the handle and used in the hand. Once finished, clean the shaver with water and the included brush, and either air-dry it or dab it with a towel.

“I don’t have many hairs on my back, but the ones I do have I like to get rid of,” said a satisfied customer. “My trouble is that I can never reach them with my conventional razor. I’ve even tried expensive electronic products and none of them worked. After just ten seconds with the Back & Body Shaver 3.0, I was clean as a whistle. I can’t recommend it enough.”

The Back & Body Shaver 3.0 is available as part of three different shaving kit bundles. The Starter Kit features the shaver, a cleaning brush, and a wall mount. The Graduate Kit includes these tools too, but also comes with a travel bag and a 4-pack of blade refills. The Professional Kit contains the same tools as the Graduate but also adds a stainless steel nose trimmer.

All three options are available for purchase on the Fuze Brands website.

Since 2016 Fuze Brands has been offering customers a collection of unique items from the lifestyle, health and beauty, home and garden, kitchen, and pet industries. The company has since grown to serve customers from all over the world, providing them with access to one-of-a-kind gadgets.

Visit today and tell those pesky back and body hairs to watch out!

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