Blog Link Magic WordPress Plugin Connects Posts Affiliate Offers Automatically

Dec 30, 2023

Blog Link Magic by IM Wealth Builders takes all the stress out of managing your blog and sending traffic to your affiliate products. Start making more sales today!

Blogs and affiliate marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly, but let's face it, when you write a lot, it can get pretty tricky to manage those old posts. That's where this cutting-edge WordPress plugin comes in handy!

Blog Link Magic is brought to you by the same team who created WP Toolkit, WP Optimiser, WP SmartLinks, and Blog Niche Tools. They've got proven expertise in the field – and can help you to take your blogging empire to the next level!

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Always updated, forever

Blog Link Magic is an evergreen tool, with continuous support and updates over time to ensure it remains optimized - making it suitable for long-term marketing campaigns, updating old sites, and increasing engagement on new sites.

With over 600 million blogs now online, content marketing continues to play an important role in lead generation and sales, notes the IM Wealth Builders team. Recent research by Ahrefs indicates that 71% of businesses have experienced tangible growth as a result of their blogging and content marketing efforts, while close to 80% of internet users reported reading blogs regularly. While producing high-quality written content is the first step, effectively leveraging older content by linking relevant offers and products is important for continued success.

It works with any site

Blog Link Magic integrates seamlessly with any WordPress website, eliminating the need for advanced technical skills or manual upkeep. The plugin automatically inserts customizable text links to select products and offers within your old and new blog posts based on relevancy, saving you time while optimizing blogs of any size to increase engagement and drive additional traffic to your landing pages.

Once installed, Blog Link Magic enables you to optimize your entire back catalog of blog content in addition to new posts. You can concentrate on producing new content rather than spending hours updating old posts to insert relevant links, and the plugin can quickly update links if any products, offers, or pages get changed or removed.

Built by bloggers for bloggers

A spokesperson states: “As bloggers ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to generate leads by capitalizing on every bit of content we have, even existing or old content. Blog Link Magic does this in just minutes.”

Want to start making more sales through your blog? You need this plugin!

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