Blockchain Company Offers Freelancing Jobs To Web3, Metaverse & NFT Developers

Apr 7, 2023

Meta-Builders is welcoming freelance developers onto their team on a per-project basis to enjoy a consistent source of independent contracts.

Blockchain Company Offers Freelancing Jobs To Web3, Metaverse & NFT Developers

Anyone who has ever freelanced will tell you how nice it is to make your own schedule and be your own boss, but what good is any of that if you can't find contracts?

The Meta-Builders know about this problem all too well after years working in the emerging blockchain ecosystem and have decided to do something about it. Independent blockchain developers like you can now find a home (and a consistent source of work) on their freelancing platform.

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They have launched this new platform as a way to give asynchronous, decentralized developers who are currently building blockchain technologies a home. The platform and community they have built encourages the free exchange of ideas and labor across projects.

The Meta-Builders are targeting businesses who wish to engage more fully in the shifting economy as Web3 integrations continue to become more popular. They offer a range of services to that end, including building custom technologies and platforms that blend traditional and blockchain-based commerce.

If you are passionate about blockchain technology, they invite you to join their team on a per-project basis. When you do, you will be able to freelance for the company contract-free as you please, enjoying the benefits of autonomy while still being able to find consistent work through the Meta-Builders platform.

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Much of their services rely on NFT marketing solutions, for which they need both smart contract developers and visual/procedural artists capable of producing the assets. Businesses can order NFT drops tailored to them, and developers will be able to consult with the customer directly to ensure projects are completed in a smooth and hassle-free manner on both ends.

As their name suggests, the Meta-Builders also specialize in custom Metaverse spaces, AR and VR integrations, and on-chain virtual marketplaces. Developers engaging in these new technologies can find a stream of businesses seeking to break into this new market through this new platform.

The contracts available through Meta-Builders are typically scalable, ranging from fully-fledged VR worlds down to simple marketplace integrations, so developers of all skill levels are welcome.

The Meta-Builders are a team of forward-thinking individuals helping businesses build toward the future. The projects they create integrate the latest in smart and decentralized technology.

Find your place in the future of blockchain tech while you help businesses everywhere bring their operations into the new age of commerce.

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