Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets Reduce Midlife Symptoms Of Bone Loss & Fatigue!

May 9, 2024

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms related to midlife hormonal changes, there’s hope! Find relief with the bio-identical HRT therapies available at Get Well Scottsdale (+1 480 607 6503).

Hot flashes, night sweats, low libido - hormone changes are no fun! Thankfully, the bio-identical HRT treatments at Get Well Scottsdale can help you navigate a potentially difficult phase of your life with greater ease.

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Designed to support wellness by imitating the body’s natural hormones as closely as possible, HRT pellets can help alleviate a wide range of hormone-related complaints, including decreased libido, depression, anxiety, fatigue, muscle weakness, aches, and joint swelling.

The bio-identical pellets from Get Well Scottdale are delivered directly into your bloodstream throughout the day for up to five months, allowing a continuous supply of hormones to help reduce fatigue, bone loss, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Support Well-Being

Statistics from the Mayo Clinic show that hormone replacement therapy can be an effective way to support health during midlife changes, as it can help both men and women feel more comfortable and protect against other potentially serious conditions, such as heart disease, dementia, and stroke. At Get Well Scottsdale, hormone pellet therapies are designed to reduce negative aspects of aging while supporting your overall well-being.

“Our bio-identical hormone pellet treatments help you start to feel better, have more energy, and enjoy an improved quality of life,” says a representative. “Optimizing hormonal balance is a life-changing experience for many of our clients.”

Get Personalized Treatment

Other symptoms that can be relieved with HRT pellet therapies include vaginal dryness for women, weight gain, night sweats, insomnia, difficulty with concentration and memory, and pain during intercourse.

Treatment protocols are personalized, and you'll be carefully screened to ensure that HRT is a suitable protocol for your physiology and specific health needs.

Let by Get Well Scottsdale co-founder Dr. Nicole Turcotte, the center’s team is made up of board-certified naturopathic medical practitioners who are committed to providing you with high quality holistic healthcare.

Balance Hormones Successfully

Previous clients have positive reviews for the healthcare center. “Dr. Nicole is the real deal when it comes to feeling your best,” says Trish C. “She truly cares and will take the time necessary to listen to you. I was fortunate to find her. Her expertise turned my hair loss around and balanced my hormones so I feel amazing. Highly recommend!”

Don't suffer any longer - get some relief with bio-identical HRT at Get Well Scottsdale!

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