Bing Anti-Censorship Alternative Search Engine Has Uncensored Filtered Results

May 23, 2023

TUSK is proud to be starting a stampede against tech giants and their culture of liberal bias and wokeism. Start using TUSK Search today to discover a truly free internet!

TUSK Search is the new alternative search engine you need if you want to search outside of the ‘sandbox’. You can discover a truly uncensored internet and join the fight for free speech with TUSK.

TUSK’s founders believe that the internet, which was once a democratic space and a hub of free speech, has increasingly become biased, with both freedom of information and speech increasingly under threat. As such, they have created their own alternative search engine, which they recommend to you if you’re a right, center right or moderate American.

Go to to find out more.

TUSK is reaching out particularly to conservative Americans like you because they believe that the dominant search engines - including those funded and provided for by Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo - are generally left-leaning. Increasingly, TUSK also believes that these vast internet institutions have become influenced by a culture of liberal bias and wokeism.

TUSK states that the effect of this liberal bias is that your internet searches are no longer free, and instead give you filtered and censored information. Your internet searches likely now even point you to a particular political affiliation and ideology, even if that is not the one you share.

In response, TUSK has created an alternative search browser that is uncensored, and that they believe upholds the values of free speech and free information. In addition, their search engine features a viewpoint tuner, which is accessible to you regardless of what side of the political spectrum you belong to, and which allows you to search neutrally or for content that aligns with your political viewpoint.

You’ll appreciate that, like the TUSK browser, TUSK Search is a completely encrypted and secure platform that protects your data and privacy.

TUSK was founded last year by a collective of American Patriots who believe that the pinnacles that underscore the American constitution and way of life must be upheld online.

A spokesperson for the alternative search engine and its developers said, “Tusk Search is a search engine created by a conservative organization for conservative users. It is designed to provide users with an alternative to the mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of right media. It focuses on providing users with transparency in the search results. With filters for right, left and center, you can see the whole picture, not only what tech giants want you to see.”

If you’ve been sucked into the quicksand sandbox of an internet controlled by big tech, TUSK is here to pull you out.

Visit if you want to browse better with TUSK Search.

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