Bill Savings Program Helps Non-Profits Reduce Operating Costs & Overheads

Apr 5, 2024

Start saving today with Recession Resister. The bill negotiation experts are now helping non-profits to bring down their expenses and bills so they can put their money to better use.

The experienced expense analysts and bill negotiators at Recession Resister are pleased to be bringing your non-profit Bill Saver, their innovative approach to smart bill management. With Bill Saver, you can significantly lower your main bills and utilities, and spend that money on what really matters: your core mission.

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Enhance Your Cash Flow Management & Financial Sustainability

Recession Resister knows that your non-profit is ultimately like a small business, because you need to make more than you spend in order to keep running your operation.

As a recent report by Non Profit Quarterly said, despite the name ‘non-profit’, non-profits need profit in order to stay operational, with their research suggesting that today only around 1 in 10 non-profits can comfortably fund their operating budgets. 

If you’re one of these non-profits that is struggling to fund your budget, they can help.

Save On Your Bills So You Can Do More Good

Recession Resister appreciates that in a time of global conflict, a cost-of-living crisis, environmental concerns, and more, your non-profit may be trying to expand your mission and help more people and communities, but you may lack the financial agility or capability to support these efforts. 

That’s why the bill negotiators will work with you to cut down on some of your major bills. This includes:

  • electricity,
  • gas,
  • water,
  • phone and internet,
  • waste,
  • security,
  • pest control,
  • water delivery,
  • payroll, and more. 

The cash flow manager’s Bill Saver program is a multifaceted tool which is designed to work on four main levels:

  1. bill auditing,
  2. bill negotiation,
  3. energy auto-switching,
  4. and energy efficiency auditing. 

A Budget-Friendly Solution To Lowering Your Expenses

You can access the Bill Saver program through Recession Resister’s website and online bill management platform and you do not need to pay any fees upfront as the financial auditors will only deduct their fee if they bring you sufficient ongoing savings.

As a spokesperson for the expense analysts and bill negotiators said, “Millions of businesses and non-profits are overpaying for their monthly expenses, including phone, cable, internet, satellite, security and more. But you can start saving on these expenses and put more money back into your business or charitable efforts, and it won’t cost you a dime unless you save. Just upload your bills, and you’ll receive half of any savings we negotiate on your behalf.” 

With Bill Saver, Recession Resister is confident that it can help you to reduce your non-profit’s overheads by between 10 and 30%.

To date, Recession Resister has helped their private customers save over $1 million. If you want to make big savings like this, visit

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