Bill Savings Program Helps Car Dealerships Lower Expenses & Boost Profits

May 30, 2024

Thanks to Bill Saver, by Recession Resister, you can vastly lower your car dealership’s monthly expenses and put that money back into your business.

With Recession Resister managing your monthly bills for you, your dealership will be in the fast lane to financial optimization!

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Introducing Bill Saver, A New Way To Lower Expenses

With Bill Saver, Recession Resister will audit all of your major monthly bills and utilities looking for overcharges that can be refunded to you and avenues for you to make ongoing savings. 

This incredible financial optimization program will lower your dealership’s expenses and overheads so that you can maximize both your savings potential and your profitability margins.

Why You Should Get Your Bills Audited

Recession Resister started Bill Saver based on the premise that 80% of companies are being overcharged by their service providers.

This means that, with their combination of skilled data analysis and negotiation, they can fight to have any prior overcharges refunded to you and negotiate to bring you the most competitive rates on the market.

Bill Saver now works for:

  • energy,
  • gas,
  • telecom,
  • cellular,
  • Internet,
  • water and sewer,
  • and trash bills.

Their team also has experience negotiating rates for services like security, payroll, and more.

Using Bill Saver, you simply need to upload your invoices to the Recession Resister website and wait less than a week for their team to audit and negotiate your bills for you.

If your dealership is hoping to generate additional savings, Recession Resister can now also offer you energy auto-switching, as well as a pilot energy efficiency and energy saving program, which has been proven to cut electricity costs by 10-30%.

Choose Recession Resister, For No-Risk Cost Cutting

All the expense management firm’s services are offered on a no-save, no-pay basis, which means Bill Saver is a cost-effective way for you to lower your monthly bills and keep them low.

A spokesperson for Recession Resister said, “If you’re like most businesses, you could be overpaying in lots of different ways. Maybe you are paying more than you should for basic services like the internet. Or maybe you are not optimizing your energy consumption and rate. Or maybe your utility bills have errors, discrepancies and mistakes that you can correct and pay less. Regardless of why you are overpaying, the how to lower your bills is simple. Let us manage them for you!”

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