Bill Saving Service Increases Financial Efficiency For Job Loss Victims

May 28, 2024

Recession Resister is pleased to be bringing job loss victims Bill Saver. This powerful bill saving tool can help you slash your monthly bills and utilities so you have one less thing to stress about.

When you’re unemployed and struggling to find a new job, the last thing you need to be stressing about is how you are going to pay your bills. Thankfully, with Recession Resister’s Bill Saver, you can get your monthly bills audited and negotiated by the bill saving pros.

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Increase Your Financial Efficiency With Bill Saver

If you’re out of work and not receiving a regular salary, Recession Resister has created their amazing new financial optimization tool to help you reduce your monthly bills and utilities, so there is less pressure on your finances.

Bill Saver works on a simple premise: that most service providers are overcharging for basic utilities and services like electricity, water, internet, cellphone plans, and more.

That’s why Recession Resister knows that with the right market knowledge and the power of collective bargaining, they can bring you big reductions on your bills.

Let The Experts Audit & Negotiate Your Bills

“Millions of Americans are overpaying for their monthly expenses,” the financial auditing and efficiency firm said. “However, most of us don’t know we are being overcharged. Chances are your monthly costs for services have increased consistently over time without you noticing, or that they include hidden fees, old charges that should have disappeared or some other ‘gotcha’ that you may not even know about. We evaluate this for you.”

When you upload your bills onto the Bill Saver platform on Recession Resister’s website, their team of auditors will quickly begin auditing your bills looking for any of these errors or hidden fees, and pursuing them to get them refunded.

They will also assess your monthly usage needs and then contact your service provider to renegotiate your contract to secure a better rate.

If you are living month-to-month because you are out of work, Recession Resister is confident that their smart bill saving solution can deliver immediate budgetary improvements. Plus, if you want to save long-term, you can also opt to have an annual bill review to make sure you are always getting the best rate.

A Risk-Free Way To Lower Your Expenses

Recession Resister is currently offering Bill Saver on a contingency basis, which means they will only charge their fee if they bring you auditing refunds and ongoing monthly savings.

One happy user from Maryland said, “I thought I was pretty good at negotiating my own bills, but when I submitted three bills to Bill Saver, it saved more than $1,700 for me. Because there’s no upfront cost to try the service, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.” 

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