Bill Saving Platform For Real Estate Agents Provides Actionable Finance Insights

May 22, 2024

If you’re low on listings, commissions are tight, or you just want to grow your profits, Recession Resister has an impressive financial optimization solution for real estate agents that will lower your bills and expenses.

If you’re a realtor, there’s no doubt you know a good deal when you see one, and Recession Resister has the best deal around with their no-save, no-pay bill auditing and negotiation platform.

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Introducing Bill Saver, For Actionable Financial Insights

Recession Resister is pleased to be offering you a unique opportunity to cut down on your monthly bills and outgoings. They call their powerful financial optimization platform Bill Saver, and with it, they can help you audit and renegotiate all of your major monthly bills, both for your business and personal use. 

Recession Resister is confident they can help you with the vast majority of your monthly bills, including energy, water and phone and internet. They can also help you with other services you may be utilizing as a self-employed or sole trading realtor, like bookkeeping.

Audit & Renegotiate Your Bills & Expenses

Thanks to their user-friendly platform, you simply need to upload all the bills you want to have audited online at the Recession Resister website.

Their team of expense managers and contract negotiators will then begin scouring all your uploaded bills, looking for any hidden charges, overcharges, errors, or other issues that can be flagged and then pursued for a refund.

This auditing process is also essential for the Recession Resister team to gain a clear picture of your personal and business usage for when they contact your service providers to renegotiate your contracts.

A Comprehensive Yet Quick Way To Save

While financial auditing often evokes the image of a complex and lengthy process, Bill Saver is different. It is designed to be a swift, effective and actionable service that will offer you a direct path to monthly saving, and to date it has saved its clients over $1 million on their bills.

Additionally, Bill Saver has no upfront cost. If the Recession Resister team cannot generate any savings for you, they won’t charge you anything for their time or efforts.

Now that’s a satisfaction guarantee!

A representative for Recession Resister said, “Hundreds of thousands of realtors are overpaying for their monthly expenses, including phone, cable, internet, satellite, security and more. But you can start saving on these expenses and put more money back into your business, and it won’t cost you a dime unless you save! Just upload your bills, and you’ll receive half of any savings we negotiate on your behalf.”

Recession Resister, The Best Bill Saving Solution For US Realtors

With bills in 2024 at an all-time high, Bill Saver is a smart financial efficiency solution that can help you to lower your expenses, maximize your savings potential and build a better budget, especially if you depend entirely on commission.

If you upload your bills today, you will already be saving by this time next month.

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