Bill Negotiation Service Helps Hospital Admins Reduce Energy & Utility Bills

Apr 4, 2024

With Recession Resister as your cost-cutting partner, you can be sure your hospital will become more financially sustainable and efficient. If you are looking to lower your overheads and spend more money on what matters, they can help.

Recession Resister is here to help you cut down the costs of your hospital’s overheads, especially your utility bills. By helping your hospital pay less for your operating costs, you can do more for your patients. 

If eye-watering energy bills are comprising the level of care you can give, go to to see how the US’ leading cost-cutting experts can help.

A Financial Sustainability Service For Non-Profit Hospitals

Recession Resister is pleased to be launching their service as the structure of hospital care continues to change in the United States. As the latest findings from the American Hospital Association reflected, the number of non-government for-profit investor and private equity-owned hospitals continues to rise as the number of non-profit community hospitals falls, a sign of competitive financial stressors in the industry. 

If you head a non-profit hospital and you need to optimize your finances in order to deliver better care to your patients and improve your long-term financial sustainability, Recession Resister is here to help. 

Optimize Your Energy Usage & Lower Your Bills

The cost-cutting experts will look at all your utilities, especially your energy bill. As The Department of Energy‘s latest Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey reflected, hospitals are one of the highest energy consumption buildings in the United States owing to their 24-hour service and specialist machinery, running at an average cost of $72,295 per month. 

Recession Resister appreciates that—if you are anywhere in that ballpark—this is a huge cost, which is why they will renegotiate your energy plan on your behalf, using their nationwide expertise and collective bargaining power to secure a better rate.

Given that 40% of electricity usage in hospitals comes from heating and cooling, they can also offer your hospital their smart HVAC technology, which has been shown to reduce consumption by between 10 and 30%. 

A Cost-Effective & Comprehensive Way To Save

The financial optimization specialists at Recession Resister will also seek to reduce your other bills, including:

  • gas,
  • water,
  • waste disposal,
  • telecommunications,
  • security,
  • pest control,
  • payroll, and more. 

With all of their new services, Recession Resister is implementing a no-save, no-pay policy, which means that you will never have to pay an upfront fee. Instead, they will simply deduct their fee from the savings they deliver to your hospital. 

A spokesperson for the expense management firm said, “Did you know you are likely overpaying for many of the services you use every day? How do you know if spending hours on the internet or on the phone trying to get a better deal will even work? With our smart technology and team of negotiation experts, we will ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can put the savings to better use.”

Don’t let costly bills stand in the way of you giving patients your best. 

Instead, visit to see why non-profit hospitals across the United States are turning to Recession Resister.

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