Bill Auditing Tool Helps Career Transitioners Enhance Budget Sustainability

Jun 14, 2024

Thanks to Recession Resister and their amazing new bill auditing tool, Bill Saver, you can stop overpaying for your monthly expenses and utilities and start improving your budget sustainability.

The team at Recession Resister knows that paying for bills is bad enough, but they draw the line at overpaying! If you want to know whether you’re paying more than you need to be for the services you use every day, you have to try Bill Saver, their smart and powerful new utility bill auditing tool.

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Get Your Bills Audited With Bill Saver

Recession Resister has created Bill Saver in response to the rising costs of utilities and monthly bills for individuals and families across America. With this smart auditing solution, they will show you how you can lower your expenses and improve your financial sustainability.

With Bill Saver, you will have the opportunity to get your bills professionally audited by bill experts. These bill experts will study years’ worth of prior bills carefully and they know how to recognize hidden overcharges and errors that the billing company has made that can, by law, be refunded to you.

A Smart Bill Contract Negotiation Service

Recession Resister’s team of experienced auditors will then pass these bills over to their contract negotiation department, who will speak directly with your service providers, using their knowledge of market rates and fair prices to secure a better deal for you.

The contract negotiation team says that they have the most luck securing significant discounts on energy, phone, internet, TV, cable and security bills, but they encourage you to upload any monthly bill you have, except for loans or overdue repayments.

An Affordable Way To Enhance Your Budget Sustainability

Recession Resister has seen that bills continue to outstrip wage growth, which they know is a particular concern for career transitioners and people who are in the process of changing jobs or searching for employment like yourself.

“Research has shown that the average cable bill has increased by 40% since 2010 and outpaced inflation for every single one of the past 20 years,” said a spokesperson for their team of auditors. “Although you may not know you are being overcharged, chances are your monthly costs for services have increased consistently over time without you noticing, or that they include hidden fees, old charges that should have disappeared or some other ‘gotcha’ that you may not even know about.”

Because they created Bill Saver with people in career transition or financial flux in mind, they have designed it to be affordable and accessible, and you can sign up and have your bills audited and negotiated with no upfront cost.

Their spokesperson added, “There’s no fee to begin our services. For most bill categories, we’ll go to work negotiating on your behalf and split 50% of the savings with you when we successfully lower your bills.”

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