Bill Auditing & Negotiation Program For Law Firms Lowers Operating Costs

Jan 15, 2024

Your lawyers won’t object to the savings Recession Resister can bring you with their new financial optimization program. Minimize your overhead costs and spend on what actually matters.

Recession Resister knows that, just because you are lawyers, doesn’t mean you are experienced with negotiating or talking your way into lower bills and cheaper overheads... Thankfully, their expense management experts are.

Put Your Money To Better Use

Recession Resister’s new financial optimization program will principally focus on reducing your bills and utilities, allowing you to lower your operating costs, maximize your savings potential and reallocate funds into more productive areas, including marketing, staffing, pro bono work, and more. 

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Spend Less, Profit More

The expense management firm is specifically targeting law firms in the wake of a recent report on the profitability of law firms by Yahoo! Finance. As their analysts explained, the equity structure used famously by the world’s top firms is also employed by many mid-tier and small law offices. However, if you’re one of these smaller firms, this structure may be leaving you with little money to reinvest or reallocate and with small profit margins. 

The same article also explained that alongside staffing, office expenses represented most firms’ major costs, which is why Recession Resister is determined to slash these overhead costs for you. 

Four Key Ways to Save

Recession Resister’s financial optimization program includes four key steps that they believe, in combination, can both quickly and lastingly lower your expenses and reduce financial waste. This includes:

  1. Bill Negotiation,
  2. Bill Auditing,
  3. Energy Auto Switching
  4. and Energy Efficiency Improvements.

In short, through this four-step process, Recession Resister will find you the best providers and deals available for your main utilities:

  • electricity,
  • gas
  • and water.

They will also do the same for your other basic office expenses like:

  • phones,
  • internet,
  • security,
  • drinking water delivery,
  • waste management,
  • pest control,
  • payroll, and more.

They will also audit years of prior bills for overcharges and errors, a process they feel confident will provide you with significant returns. 

Then, the expense management office will look to improving your energy efficiency with the goal of reducing your ongoing running costs by as much as 10-30% annually. 

About Recession Resister 

Recession Resister is a leading expense management firm that serves commercial clients nationwide. They operate on a strict no-save no-pay fee structure, which makes them a no-risk path towards significantly lowering your monthly and annual office expenses, utilities and bills. 

A spokesperson for the financial sustainability office said, “If you’re like most law firms, you could be overpaying in lots of different ways. Maybe you are paying more than you should for basic services like the internet or phone. Or maybe you are not optimizing your energy consumption and rate. Or maybe your utility bills have errors, discrepancies and mistakes that you can correct and pay less. Regardless of WHY you are overpaying, the HOW to lower your bills is simple. Let us manage them for you.” 

There are so many better things your firm could be putting your money towards than utility bills. Visit if you’re ready to start saving.

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