Bill Auditing & Negotiation Platform Lowers Expenses For Career Transitioners

Jun 4, 2024

Recession Resister has a powerful new bill-saving platform for career transitioners. Lower your expenses and keep them low with their expert auditing and negotiation skills.

If you need to lower your expenses, Recession Resister has the secret financial weapon you need to know about.

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Are You Struggling To Pay Your Bills?

If you’re a career transitioner, the Recession Resister auditors know that swapping jobs and changing careers can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and that it is probably forcing you to live from your savings in lieu of salaried income. That’s why they are proud to be launching Bill Saver, a smart new way for you to save on your monthly bills and utilities.  

How Bill Saver Can Help You

If you're feeling strapped for cash, they recommend Bill Saver, which they offer with absolutely no upfront cost.

You simply need to upload your bills on the Bill Saver platform, wait for Recession Resister’s experienced financial auditors to assess your bills, and then the firm will split any savings and refunds they secure for you.

As a spokesperson for their team of auditors explained, “There is no cost for our service unless we save you money. We only get paid if you save money, so there is absolutely no risk to you. As soon as we finish negotiations, we’ll get in touch to let you know how much we’ve saved. Then we split the savings right down the middle - 50/50. The more you save, the more we both make. It’s a win-win for both of us!”

Get A Better Rate On All Your Bills & Utilities

The auditors at Recession Resister have vast experience negotiating energy, phone, internet, cable, satellite TV and security bills, but they encourage you to upload any bills you want to have audited and negotiated. The only bills that are strictly off-the-table are mortgages, loans, debt repayments, and medical and insurance bills.

Bill Saver is now available wherever you are. In 80% of cases, Recession Resister can deliver savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars in annual savings.

With Bill Saver, you can start saving this month and enjoy regular savings every month after that.

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