Bill Auditing & Negotiation Platform Helps Recent Layoffs Lower Expenses

Jun 9, 2024

Recession Resister is helping people across America lower their expenses by auditing and renegotiating their bills for them. Join their ranks and start saving today!

If you’ve been recently laid off work and are looking at bills pile up that you are struggling to afford, Recession Resister has an innovative way for you to start saving today. With no upfront cost, their financial optimization platform is a game changer.

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Introducing Bill Saver – A New Way To Lower Your Expenses

Recession Resister’s new platform is called Bill Saver, and it is a comprehensive auditing and negotiation service that will allow you to reduce your monthly expenditure on basic bills and utilities like electricity, water, phone, internet, cable TV, and more.

Recession Resister has launched Bill Saver in response to the recent findings of Business Insider, which revealed that millions of Americans are collectively overpaying $60 billion dollars on services they use every day. Now that’s a lot of wasted money!

Optimizes Your Finances With Recession Resister

That’s why Recession Resister is so proud to be putting their market knowledge and collective bargaining power to good use on your behalf. If you’re struggling to pay your bills because you’ve recently been laid off, they are on a mission to bring you big savings.

Once you upload your monthly bills to Bill Saver, Recession Resister’s team of experienced bill auditors and negotiators will immediately begin analyzing your previous charges. Through this audit, their team will identify any errors or overcharges that they can get refunded to you. Then, their team will begin negotiating with your service providers to secure you a better ongoing rate.

Stop Overpaying & Start Saving Today

“Did you know you are likely overpaying for many of the services you use every day? How do you know if spending hours on the internet or on the phone trying to get a better deal will even work?” asked Recession Resister’s spokesperson. “With Bill Saver, our smart technology and team of negotiation experts ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.”

Recession Resister has seen that in roughly 80% of cases they can bring their users substantial annual savings, and in the rare case that they cannot generate any savings for you, they won’t charge any kind of fee for their time or efforts.

For the savings they do generate, they will split them down the middle with you, 50/50.

One happy user of Bill Saver in New Jersey said, “Between my mom and I we uploaded 8 bills and in about a year or two they’ve saved us over $2,500 collectively. We found money and didn’t even know we were getting overcharged.”

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