Big Spring Irrigation System Installations For Fruit & Vegetable Home Gardens

Jul 10, 2024

Want to start your own mini-farm at home? Johansen Landscape & Nursery can help you do it. Call them at (432) 267-5275 to learn more about the edible plants in their nursery and the landscaping services they offer.

It’s never too late in the season to start planting your own fruits and vegetables - not when Johansen Landscape & Nursery has so many to choose from! If you’ve been concerned over food prices, food quality, and the like, they’ll help you curb your reliance on the unstable economy! Better yet, they’ll even help you design a garden where your new crops will thrive. Now that’s what you call all-inclusive service!

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The Soaring Cost of Necessities

Sadly, things are becoming unaffordable. You may have known that already, but the hard numbers confirm it. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the cost of food has increased by 17% since the pandemic. One article in the El Paso Times notes that Texas ranks among the top 10 states with the highest grocery prices, with Texans spending an average of $300 per week on food. Inflation, supply chain disturbances, and other global uncertainties continue to raise concerns over food security, leading many residents of the state to consider growing their own food.

Creating a Home Vegetable Garden

If you’re one of those residents, then you’re in good hands. To help Texans like you achieve self-sufficiency, Johansen Landscape & Nursery offers a wide variety of vegetable seedlings and fruit trees that are suitable for West Texas’ unique climate. If you’re a novice (or you happen to have a brown thumb), you can also consult the company’s horticulture experts on care requirements, fertilizers, and gardening supplies necessary to ensure optimal growth. 

But you aren’t just limited to plants that will look good on your plate. In addition to food crops, the company stocks ornamental bedding plants and shrubs in their nursery, and these can be planted regardless of the season. You can decorate your garden along with your dinners!

Professional Landscapers 

Naturally, some things are out of our hands and should only be left to the professionals. That’s why, if you’re looking to improve growing conditions or the visual appeal of your garden, you can also contact Johansen Landscape & Nursery for their landscape design and construction services. 

These services encompass: 

  • Soil and sod amendments
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Complete renovations
  • Xeriscaping
  • Hardscaping
  • Lighting design

The company also specializes in irrigation systems, and they can install a custom-designed system that will help you reduce water use and improve the market value of your property. 

Additionally, Johansen Landscape & Nursery offers an array of professional garden, yard, and sprinkler maintenance services. So, if you lack the time, or the energy, or the motivation, or the what-have-you to perform maintenance on your own, you’re encouraged to contact the company to develop the appropriate maintenance plan for your garden. Hey, there’s no shame in that, either! Gardening is rewarding, but it’s backbreaking work. Sometimes literally.

Serving West Texas Since 1974

Johansen Landscape & Nursery is a family-owned and operated business that has served West Texas for over 45 years. The company strives to be a one-stop resource for all landscaping needs, a goal that is reflected in the customized landscaping solutions they provide to all customers.

Whether you want to grow your own food or add a splash of color to touch up some drab scenery, Johansen Landscape & Nursery has something for you. Let them help you turn your garden into a thriving, green haven!

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