Bettendorf can become the ideal city for the Millennial first-time homebuyer

May 8, 2024

Lower-than-average cost of living, access to good schools, and quality of life make Bettendorf a top contender for first-time homebuyers.

Millennials are finally buying homes—well, some of them are—which is great. They laid off the avocado toast and stopped the Netflix subscription for a few months and—just like that—homeownership. Okay, that may not be how it happened. But the fact is, Millennials are buying their first home, only unlike previous generations who bought their first homes in the late 20s, Millennials are doing it at 35, on average. 

What this means is that their needs are gonna be different—many will be looking for family homes

Because when you're in your 30s, looking for a family home to raise children—well, you're gonna have a few extra requirements that probably wouldn't have been high on your list at 25.

Real estate developers Youssi Custom Homes of Iowa believe that Millennial couples and families will mainly be looking for three things when buying their first home—and they also believe that Bettendorf can become the ideal place for them.

Affordability, affordability, affordability 

A recent Redfin study found Millennials are still tracking behind their Boomer parents when it comes to homeownership. Due to high interest rates, rising housing prices, and student debt—among other things—younger generations are finding it harder to purchase their first home. 

As such, affordability is a major factor for today’s first-time homebuyers. From moving to more affordable states—like Iowa, Indiana, and West Virginia—to waiting for ‘better times’ to buy their first home, Millennials have had to compromise and have patience to make their homeownership dreams a reality.

Location is certainly important—with priority given to cities that can offer employment opportunities and high quality of life—but, with the current trend of ‘moving out of big cities’, smaller ones, like Bettendorf, become an appealing choice. 

Part of the Quad Cities—which are ranked among the best mid-sized metro areas for first-time homebuyers—Bettendorf has a median home price of $303,487—according to Zillow—and a median household income of $100,570—per the US Census Bureau. BestPlaces gave Bettendorf a cost of living score of 82.9, which means that it’s 17.1% lower than the US average and quite affordable for young families. 

Quality of life and security

The world isn’t what it was back in the 80s when Boomers were buying homes, and neither is today’s homebuyer. While the traditional American suburbia appealed to older generations, it’s not as popular today—people just want different things out of life.

For the Millennial homebuyer, quality of life means something different than it did for their Boomer parents. It means access to gyms, restaurants, bars, and various entertainment venues and events, and work-life balance. It means safety—an environment where they can raise their kids as if it’s still the 90s (well, not in all aspects, of course—let’s not idealize a bygone era). 

And while big cities certainly can offer a lot in terms of cultural and leisure activities, education, and employment opportunities, they are far from the safest place to raise a child. 

Smaller cities like Bettendorf, however, can offer both. Bettendorf is well connected to bigger cities like Davenport and Des Moines—so residents have access to a variety of entertainment activities—while also providing a safe environment to raise kids. This is especially true of condo community developments that were built with security and family in mind.

Access to good schools  

And speaking of kids, for those who have them—or plan on having kids soon—access to good schools is gonna be at the top of the list. And while top universities are, obviously, located in big metro areas, one doesn’t need to move to New York or San Francisco to access good elementary and high school education. 

In fact, many of the top school districts in the US can be found in mid-sized cities, for example, the Evanston Township High School District 202, the Laude School District in St. Louis, MO, and the Roselyn Union Free School District. 

The Pleasant Valley Community School District (PVCSD) in Bettendorf was recently awarded best school district in the state of Iowa and consists of seven schools. Families have access to several elementary schools, a junior high school, and—the pride of the PVCSD—the Pleasant Valley High School, home to one of Iowa’s largest bands.

With the cost of living 17.1% below the national average, access to good schools, and plenty to offer in terms of leisure and cultural activities for both kids and parents, Youssi Custom Homes of Iowa believes that Bettendorf is ready to welcome a new generation of young families looking for quality and affordable family homes.

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