Bethel Community Outreach: Important Development for the Guyana Nonprofit

Feb 10, 2024

Shoshana Bernstein-Leizerowitz of BethelCoGuyana met with Guyana’s Ambassador to discuss establishing a Jewish community, women’s support, and cultural exchanges, marking a key step in organization’s development plans in Guyana.

In an era where global collaboration and community empowerment are more crucial than ever, a significant stride has been made by Bethel Community Outreach, a beacon of hope and change in Guyana. Shoshana Bernstein-Leizerowitz, the Founder and Community Organizer of Bethel Community Outreach “BethelCoGuyana”, recently paid a courtesy call to His Excellency Ambassador Samuel A. Hinds, underscoring a new chapter for community development in Guyana.

The meeting at the Guyana Embassy in Washington DC wasn’t just a formality; it was a confluence of visions and missions, centered around creating a more inclusive and supportive society in Guyana. BethelCoGuyana, under Ms. Bernstein-Leizerowitz’s visionary leadership, is dedicated to providing support for single women, women-headed households, and survivors of gender-based violence. Their work extends beyond immediate aid, focusing on initiatives to improve health, education, and economic outcomes in local communities.

One of the meeting's highlights was the discussion on initiating cultural exchange programs aimed at bridging the Jewish diaspora and Guyana. This initiative not only fosters understanding but also opens doors for technological and economic collaboration, leveraging Israeli innovation for local empowerment. This is a step forward in global collaboration, showing how interconnectedness can lead to mutual growth and development.

This landmark meeting signifies the first of many collaborative efforts between BethelCoGuyana, and civic and governmental organizations in Guyana. It demonstrates the power of community and government bodies working together to uplift and transform society. The meeting, accentuated by the presence of Ms. Kathleen Monteram, advisor of BethelCoGuyana, is a testament to the organization's commitment to its cause and its potential to open doors for future collaborations.

Bethel Community Outreach, a non-profit organization, has been pivotal in nurturing and enhancing Jewish life in Guyana. Their comprehensive approach, encompassing religious, social welfare, and educational programs, has made a significant impact, especially in supporting survivors of gender-based violence.

As the world watches, BethelCoGuyana’s journey with the Guyanese government is more than just a partnership; it is a narrative of hope, resilience, and the collective power of community. For more on this inspiring journey, follow Bethel Community Outreach’s updates on their Facebook page.

The journey of Bethel Community Outreach is a remarkable example of how dedication, vision, and collaboration can create ripples of positive change, not just in a community, but in a nation. Stay connected with their inspiring story as they continue to write new chapters of hope and empowerment.


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