Best Vegan Lunch West Village, NY: Enjoy Delicious Traditional French Cuisine

Dec 2, 2023

West Village institution Delice & Sarrasin (212-243-7200) is proud to now be serving the best vegan lunch in New York. At Delice & Sarrasin, you can do like the French and make lunch a true dining experience.

While the head chef and owners of the family-run Delice & Sarrasin love New York, they will always be French at heart, and, in addition to bringing their diners rich and authentic vegan French cuisine, they are also proud to be importing French dining culture, which means less rushing and more savoring.

If you’re a West Village diner who is seeking to enjoy a three-course experience and a leisurely midweek or weekend lunch, Delice & Sarrasin is pleased to be now offering you a long lunch service. The popular plant-based restaurant takes pride in offering diners a menu that mirrors the rich textures and flavors of traditional French dishes while exclusively using vegan ingredients. 

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Recognizing the ‘daily grind’ lifestyle of most New Yorkers today, Delice & Sarrasin invites you to escape the hustle and bustle, encouraging you to savor the moment and enjoy a relaxed midday break inspired by European lunch culture. The restaurant’s new lunch menu, which features chef-created gourmet plant-based dishes, will allow you to indulge in a leisurely culinary experience, savoring each course in the true spirit of French dining. 

Delice & Sarrasin’s lunch menu brings you a curated selection of appetizers, main courses, sides, crepes, and desserts, providing you with ample choices if you are looking to experience the pleasure of a leisurely lunch. The restaurant believes the elegant ambiance of their dining area and their commitment to exceptional service will create the perfect setting for you to unwind and enjoy the company of friends or colleagues. 

At Delice & Sarrasin, you can indulge in appetizers such as the Escargots Beurre Maitre D’hotel, Oeuf Meurette a la Bourguignonne, and the innovative Foie Gras Végétal, a tahini pâté 'foie gras' served with fig jam. For main courses, the menu showcases a variety of classic French plates made vegan, including their Tournedos Rossini and Cassoulet Toulousain, and their Coq au Vin with Parisian mushrooms and herbs from Provence. 

To complement their cuisine, Delice & Sarrasin will now be accompanying their full lunch service with an extensive selection of vegan wines. 

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With their new full lunch service, Delice & Sarrasin believes they can become a midday and midweek oasis, a destination where you can embrace the sophistication of the long European lunch in New York, and enjoy the flavors of traditional French cuisine made vegan. 

A spokesperson for the high-end plant-based restaurant said, “Nestled in a cozy corner, Delice & Sarrasin invites you to embark on a culinary adventure where traditional French recipes are reimagined with a vegan twist. Our chef meticulously crafts each dish, ensuring that no compromise is made when it comes to taste, texture, or presentation.” 

If you’ve been caught in the grind lately, take some time for yourself this week to slow it down and enjoy a leisurely and delicious lunch at Delice & Sarrasin.

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