Best UK Prices For ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet & Add-On Packages Available

Jun 24, 2024

Professional welding isn’t a task to take lightly – get maximum protection without compromising your vision with the ESAB Sentinel A60 Air Welding Helmet, now available at great prices with Weldtech UK! Call +44-1228-713458 now…

Perfect Clarity = Better, Safer Welding

Embarking on a large infrastructure project means stocking up on gear that’ll assure your safety - especially if you’re a welder. Modern advances have resulted in high-performance and high-comfort protective helmets, and Weldtech UK is here to bring such tech to you…

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Introducing: the ESAB Sentinel A60 Air variety, representing the latest evolution in ESAB’s PPE technology. For a duty you know to be hazardous, this welding gear brings you new levels of safety and security.

How does it do this?

Take its sophisticated Broad Spectrum Light Control tech for starters, a significant boost to the helmet’s sight-enabled capabilities. This feature has been developed to offer you precise clarity and a panoramic view - vital considerations when it comes to reducing the risk of accidents.

It’s no secret that welding and cutting are particularly dangerous tasks in the manufacturing industry - with approximately 4000 injuries sustained each year. Don’t let it happen to you! Weldtech UK supplies ESAB’s advanced Sentinel helmets to provide you with an assured means of protection against burns, shocks, and other forms of damage to your face and eyes.

“The Sentinel series has already won renown as ESAB's top-performing helmet,” says Weldtech UK. “With the newest upgrades to the design concept, it's tailor-made for demanding days on the job.” 

As well as the aforementioned vision and comfort improvements, Weldtech UK refers here to the compatibility afforded by the Air model’s customisable Auto Darkening Filter settings. You’ll therefore find the model suitable for such specialist welding tasks as MIG, MAG, or TIG welding alongside both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

And that’s not all…

Its user-friendly controls are another prominent advantage, designed to meet the demands of those who regularly wear protective gloves or gauntlets as a necessity. The helmet’s push buttons are spaced to accommodate such gear - allowing you to work without needing to remove or adjust your equipment.

Weldtech UK adds: “This is the most comfortable, highest performance helmet ESAB have ever created for professional welders. Step into the welding future with the Sentinel A60. It's a classic blend of craftsmanship, performance, and unmatched quality.”

For the best prices, check out Weldtech UK’s wider welding helmet range - which also includes the standard Sentinel A60. You’ll also find package collections comprised of ESAB’s A60 and related gear such as inner and outer lenses in multicoloured variations together with a helmet bag, MIG gloves, and much more!

Take your welding to the next level…

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