Best Teething Ring For Young Babies With Sore Gums | Fox-Themed Toy Rattle

Dec 30, 2022

Teething toys can be a great tool for helping your little one through the teething process, while also supporting their overall development. So if your baby is struggling, grab this fox ring today!

Best Teething Ring For Young Babies With Sore Gums | Fox-Themed Toy Rattle

If you're a parent, you probably know all about the joys (and challenges) of teething. It's a tough time for babies, as they experience discomfort and irritation in their gums as their teeth start to emerge.

That's where teething toys come in - these little wonders can provide a lot of benefits for your little one. This beech wood fox ring from Doviast is ideal if you want to provide much-needed relief, and your baby will love playing with it too!

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The team at Pebble found that bright colors and contrasting textures produce engaging toys for babies. The fox ring has been specially designed to offer auditory and visual stimulation as well as helping with teething issues.

The teething ring is machine washable and the team advises you to spot-wash it with cool water and non-toxic detergent, followed by air drying the toy in an open area for best results.

Teething toys can provide relief and distraction for babies as they go through the process of teething, which typically starts around six months of age and continues until the age of three.

The fox ring can be chewed on as your baby experience the discomfort and irritation of emerging teeth. This process can help alleviate some of the pressure and discomfort in the gums, as well as provide a sense of relief and comfort.

Teething toys can also help with the development of jaw muscles and coordination. As babies chew on the toy, they are exercising and strengthening the muscles in their jaw and face, which can help with the proper development of their mouth and teeth.

Doviast is an online store that sources toys, gadgets, and accessories in line with the company’s core values of adventure, creativity, and open-mindedness. In addition to the teething toy for babies, it has an extensive range of gift ideas for the festive period, ranging from blue light glasses to vacuums.

A spokesperson for the business states: “The wooden teething ring rattle fox has all the chance to become your perfect toy for little hands to hold and teeth to chew on, making it a safe and stylish teething toy. Please note that slight color variations make each rattle a truly one-of-a-kind piece.”

Are you looking for the perfect teething toy for a baby this Christmas? You're in the right place!

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