Best Sprinkler & Fire Suppression Systems For New York City Commercial Buildings

Jun 14, 2024

Looking for a one-stop shop for fire protection in NYC? Get routine inspections, repairs or replacements, and building code compliance with Standard Group! (631-735-5388)

Worried about the state of your sprinkler system? Looking for fire suppression specialists in the New York area?

Stay safe with Standard Group – the ultimate first line of defense against fire. More details at


The company helps you meet New York's stringent fire safety regulations via full-service, licensed fire suppression contracting solutions. Standard Group brings expertise in ensuring your property is safe for habitation and business purposes, eliminating fines and penalties that arise from regulation violations.

Certified Technicians

The company's technicians hold NICET, FDNY, and OSHA 40-hour training certifications and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to inspect, replace, repair, and install state-of-the-art fire suppression software and hardware. Standard Group has over 30 years of industry experience and is proud of its record of compliance, customer care, returning clients, and fast service turnaround times. There's a reason why these guys are the first call for thousands of clients – find out why for yourself!


Despite the unpredictable nature of fire, suppression systems can limit the damage caused by flames and smoke. Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to keep your systems functioning optimally and in accordance with NY codes.


The team performs comprehensive testing procedures and can make the required adjustments so that your sprinklers are primed for fast, affirmative action when needed. Testing requirements in New York are notoriously complex but Standard Group manages the frequency of varying inspection schedules and fire codes relating to different components in your building.

These sprinkler inspections can occur on a monthly, semi-annual, annual, or yearly basis with options also available for 3-year, 5-year, and 12-year testing. Once the procedures are complete, Standard Group gives you a detailed report, identifying faults and recommendations for repairs.

“Standard has the required licenses and ratings from the New York City Department of Buildings and FDNY and can conduct these tests and handle corrections that may be needed in the aftermath of the test. We continue to reinvest into our organization to ensure we are an easy partner to work with while adhering to the highest levels of compliance and protocols,” says Timothy Shisko, Owner.

Under Pressure

The company's expertise extends to identifying any pressure loss faults and leaking pipes. Water ingress from faulty sprinklers not only causes damage to your property but also means that the system will not perform under the required pressure and thus be less effective in an emergency.

In terms of installations, Standard Group can design, fit, and deploy a suppression system from scratch at any stage of a building's lifecycle from the early days of a construction project to retrofitting your facilities.

No one does fire suppression like Standard Group – reach out today!

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