Best Solar Power Portable Fridge: Built-In Battery Offers 40 Hours Of Cooling

Aug 17, 2022

Looking for a convenient cooler to take on your next trip? Visit GoSun’s (1-888-868-6154) website for a groundbreaking cooler that’s powered by the sun!

Best Solar Power Portable Fridge: Built-In Battery Offers 40 Hours Of Cooling

Tired of having to fill your cooler with ice to keep your food and drinks cold? Do you always have to sacrifice bringing some items along because of all the space the ice takes up? Then GoSun’s cooler is for you because it needs no ice at all! How *cool* is that?

The store’s Chillest cooler can cool your food and beverages without needing ice, due to its solar power capabilities. The cooler has a built-in 87Wh battery which can offer you up to 40 hours of continuous cooling. It can also be plugged into an external power bank, a wall outlet, or a DC power outlet.

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GoSun’s cooler features an innovative temperature control touch screen that lets you select a temperature that ranges from negative four degrees to sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, or negative twenty to twenty degrees Celsius. You can make your own ice or safely store ice cream without having to worry about it melting.

The cooler measures 28 by 17 by 20.5 inches, offering a 45-liter capacity. Because no ice is required, you can fill your cooler to the top with your desired meal items.

In addition, the cooler features two separate compartments for splitting up food. Each compartment can have its own specific temperature, meaning you can use your cooler as both a refrigerator and a freezer simultaneously.

If you purchase this cooler, you will receive extra supplies including tie downs, a cutting board, a bottle opener, waste bag hooks, and a mount. The cooler comes with a one-year warranty and can be shipped to you for free if you live in the United States.

GoSun’s designers, engineers, and change-makers are focused on providing consumers with functional, clean energy products. The company founder, Patrick Sherwin, started the business in a small garage in Ohio, which was able to expand due to the loyalty and support of its customers. In line with the company’s commitment to the environment, its team has helped plant over 50,000 trees and has donated over 1,500 cookers.

A satisfied customer said: “I bought this cooler for the Las Vegas summers. Going grocery shopping can be brutal at 110 degrees on average daily. Now I don’t have to worry about cold items getting warm and frozen items getting unfrozen. The added phone App is a real plus in keeping track of the cooler temperature with dual compartments with independent temperature control.”

GoSun’s Chillest cooler makes going on adventures easier than ever!

Ready for the sun to keep your food cold? Bet you never thought you’d hear that question! Click on for the information you need!

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