Best Shawnee, KS Concrete Washing Pros Offer Chemical Cleaning For Oil Stains

Jul 1, 2024

A grimy concrete surface has no place anywhere near your home – call Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing at 913-214-6282 to book professional cleaning services in Shawnee!

Does Concrete Really Need to be Cleaned?

Summer in Shawnee is a great time to host a family barbecue - unless you’re ashamed of your grimy concrete patio! Concrete surfaces are routinely marked with dirt and debris from automobiles and foot traffic. Subsurface moisture, hard water, certain chemicals, mold, and pollutants can also contribute to surface discoloration - leaving your driveway or patio older than it should.

Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing can help you there by offering affordable pressure washing and concrete cleaning services.

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You can trust this team to provide the best residential concrete cleaning and maintenance services in your area. Their cleaning methods work on all types of concrete and its pressure-washing service removes impacted dirt and grime from driveways and patios.

How Does Concrete Cleaning Work?

Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing removes dirt and grime from your concrete driveways and patios with high-tech pressure-washing equipment. Chemical cleaning is recommended for oil and grease-stained garage floors.

The company recommends you have all concrete surfaces cleaned regularly. A patio is a point of pride worth showcasing - but only if it’s clean! Professional cleaning can significantly enhance the visual appeal of concrete, so don’t delay.

Chemical cleaning can remove those tough oil and auto grease stains. This process involves the application of specialized cleaning agents that break down oil and grease on the concrete surface. Once the oil stains are effectively removed, you should consider the use of a sealant to prevent future staining and improve surface durability. 

Once the surface is washed, cleaned, and sealed - it could last for decades.

About Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing

Since 2020, Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing has maintained a residential service range that also includes roof, siding, and deck cleaning. Its team is equipped to complete heavy-duty cleaning projects at commercial sites with specialized pressure washing needs: business properties, storefronts, and parking lots. The company serves Olathe, Gardner, Spring Hill, Lenexa, Stilwell, Louisburg, and the surrounding communities.

One recent customer remarked: “Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing did a wonderful job power washing our cement patio and sidewalk - and then sealing. They were very professional, personable, and knowledgeable.” 

You can get your free service estimate online or by calling the team over the phone!

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