Best Self-Directed Gold IRAs: Inflation-Proof Bullion Investing For Retirement

Jun 1, 2024

If you’ve had an IRA for a while, you’ve probably heard about the need to diversify investments. Have you considered gold as a way to protect your nest egg? Find out if this asset class is for you by reading Crypto Roth IRA Review’s guide!

Considering investing in precious metals? Want to know more about diversifying and protecting your savings from inflation with physical gold?

Read Crypto Roth IRA Review's new guide which looks at the advantages of Gold IRAs.

Protect Your Pot

The article explores the potential benefits of investing in precious metals as a way to protect your retirement pot from a fluctuating stock market and high inflation. You're given guidance on everything from how to buy gold, what forms of bullion can be owned as part of an IRA, and the associated fees you can expect to pay to recommendations of the best Gold IRA companies.

A Gold IRA, the guide explains, allows you to purchase physical gold which is exchanged for shares in a mutual fund. Options include bullion coins – commonly American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, or Krugerrands – as well as futures contracts, gold mining stocks, or direct purchase of gold bullion bars.

IRA Options

The guide highlights how a gold IRA is not the only way to invest in this precious metal. You can open a regular IRA account and use it to buy shares of gold companies. There are no fees associated with investing in gold stocks and taxes are only payable on dividends and capital gains and are based on the amount of money you invest rather than the total value of holdings. For all types of Roth IRA accounts, taxes are deferred until assets are withdrawn.


While there are financial advantages to gold IRAs, you are liable for some ongoing fees. According to the article, the average annual cost of owning one is $1,100 (as per Bankrate). These fees cover the cost of transfers, insurance, storage, maintenance, and setup.


It's recommended that you enlist the services of a gold custodian – financial institutions that take care of storage and account management. The article explains how these entities can also take care of all of the requisite paperwork and can advise you on everything from taxes to managing fees.

Best Gold Companies

If you're interested in pursuing precious metal investment, Crypto Roth IRA Review shares a list of recommended gold IRA providers. The piece suggests that Goldco is the best overall option with Birch Gold Group, American Hartford Gold, and Augusta Precious Metals also ranking highly for its customer service, multiple purchase methods, and low fees.


While investing in gold has the potential for significant returns, the guide cautions that it is by no means risk-free.

“There are risks involved with all sorts of investments, including gold, and there are no guarantees regarding the price of gold. If you invest in gold, you could lose money,” the guide explains. “Since the demand for gold tends to outstrip supply, the price fluctuates widely. This volatility creates risk for anyone holding physical gold.”

For the best guidance on gold investment for retirement, you can rely on Crypto Roth IRA Review!

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