Best Secure Offline Crypto Storage With Anti-Klepto Protocol Stops Bad Actors

Feb 5, 2023

Get BitBox02 from The Crypto Merchant to keep your private data from being recorded publicly on the blockchain. It’s one of the only cold wallets to include Anti-Klepto, the open-source security protocol that adds extra randomization to your wallet’s signature.

Best Secure Offline Crypto Storage With Anti-Klepto Protocol Stops Bad Actors

Did you know that every time you complete a crypto transaction, there's a small chance that the software you're using could be writing bits of your personal information to the blockchain?

There's no need to panic because it is highly unlikely this is actually happening - but it is a possibility, and it should be guarded against.

The Crypto Merchant offers you BitBox02, a crypto wallet that comes with Anti-Klepto, a crypto wallet protocol that prevents malicious software from leaking private user data such as recovery key seeds.

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For years we've been told that storing cryptocurrency offline will keep it safe from bad actors, but is it true?

Recent research has shown that it is still possible for malicious software to leak sensitive user data, including your passwords, every time you complete a transaction. These attacks can be prevented though, using the next-generation crypto wallet BitBox02, where Anti-Klepto works silently in the background and requires no additional steps from you to take.

When completing a cryptocurrency transaction, token wallets create a randomly generated signature, known as a “nonce.” While this nonce is supposed to be entirely random, researchers have found that by using malicious software, bad actors can force your wallet to include sensitive information directly in the nonce, which is recorded openly on the blockchain and viewable by the public.

Advanced crypto wallets, such as BitBox02, prevent these attacks by adding a second layer of randomness to your wallet's signature. Using a companion app, the signature is then verified to be sure that it is entirely random and does not contain any private information before any data is sent online.

Just in case you forget your private keys, BitBox02 also includes a micro SD card, which records and stores the recovery word seed for the device. By keeping this SD card in a secure location, you can protect the contents of your wallet, even if the physical wallet itself is stolen or lost.

The Anti-Klepto security protocol is open source, available to all manufacturers, and expected to be included in many of the next-generation crypto wallets. This extra security is only available on a few hardware wallets that are available today, including BitBox02 from The Crypto Merchant.

The Crypto Merchant says, “The BitBox02 hardware wallet by Swiss brand Shift Crypto is known for its simplicity and ease of use. A well-designed app and touch gestures powered by touch sensors and OLED display enable quick setup time, and your seed phrase is automatically backed up on the included microSD card.”

While this type of data theft is not common right now, it's worth guarding against it before it becomes an issue.

Using an advanced hardware wallet with extra security features is easy, so why take a chance with anything else?

Visit to learn more about BitBox02, and its full list of features.

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