Best Scalpel Blades For Manhattan Surgeons: Disposable Carbon & Stainless Steel

Jun 10, 2024

Make sure every cut is as reliably accurate as possible with SurgiMac’s high-precision stainless and carbon steel scalpel blades.

For medical supplies that are ergonomic, top-quality, and made right here in the US - check out SurgiMac. They have all the instruments and supplies you may need - and can often deliver them on the same day.

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All SurgiMac high-precision carbon and stainless steel surgical scalpel blades come individually wrapped in sterilized, peel-away packaging.

You Can Count On SurgiMac

Whether you work in podiatry, dermatology, or general surgery, SurgiMac has exactly the scalpel blade that meets your surgical needs. All SurgiMac scalpel blades are made to fit standard surgical scalpel handles across most models and brands.

Disposable scalpel blades are available as well, which eliminate the need for re-sterilization and lower the risk of cross-contamination.

Carbon Steel Vs. Stainless Steel

Carbon steel scalpel blades are known for their impeccable durability and sharpness, allowing you to make the most precise incisions possible. However, since carbon steel is prone to corrosion, particularly in wet or humid environments, many of SurgiMac's carbon steel blades, such as its MacCut #65, are disposable.

The company's stainless steel scalpel blades also offer maximum precision and are resistant to rust and corrosion. SurgiMac has disposable stainless steel #64 blades and a wide variety of reusable stainless steel blades.

Most Affordable Blades Available

SurgiMac's blades can be purchased in boxes of 10 or 100 pieces - and are available at remarkably discounted rates. Order now to get up to 33% off!

About SurgiMac

With offices in New York, Florida, and Utah, SurgiMac is a manufacturer and national distributor of high-quality medical and dental supplies. The company prioritizes environmental sustainability, and is driven to improve medical and dental professionals' ability to serve their patients most effectively by providing them with supplies from only the most reputable brands.

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