Best Sales Training & FMO Support Services For New Independent Medicare Brokers

Jun 7, 2024

If you are considering entering the market as an independent Medicare broker, then Trusted American Insurance Agency is the best place to start.

A Lucrative Career

Believe it or not, Medicare sales has one of the highest rates of millionaire generation than any other industry in 2024. While these cases are still relatively rare - as they always are - the average agent still pulls in a solid six-figure salary, and you could too! It has never been a better time to jump into the Medicare industry, but taking those first steps can be confusing if you aren't prepared.

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Entering the Medicare industry can be especially daunting as an independent broker - but the opportunities far outweigh the hurdles. Luckily, the process is made even easier by the decades of knowledge that expert salespeople have accumulated, and are now eager to pass down to the next generation (that means you).

Introducing: Trusted American Insurance Agency

For these first steps in your journey as an independent broker, Trusted American Insurance Agency is your one-stop shop for the knowledge and expertise you will need to get a competitive head start in the industry.

Their organization and the experts that power it can provide you not only with the training and certification necessary to start selling a wide range of Medicare products, but also direct support in the field. Interested? Read on to find out how their team can help you!

Industry-Leading Training

The initial training provided by Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA) will allow you to partner with experienced industry professionals to learn the most up-to-date marketing techniques available. You will find myriad free resources available on the website alongside the more comprehensive paid training program.

Fast Onboarding

After the initial training, TAIA offers a simple, 5-step onboarding procedure for their affiliate partners. Following account setup and the completion of the relevant contracting forms, you will be able to speak directly with the TAIA team over the phone. Finally, you will be offered guidance through the certification process, and once that is achieved, you will receive your writing number. The process is then complete - you are ready to get started in the field.

Market Support

When you partner with TAIA through this process, you will be able to take advantage of marketing support services, back office support, and website services designed to help you distinguish your offer in the marketplace. As an FMO, the agency can also manage contracts on a national and local scale, with specialized support for individual carriers.

A spokesperson for the agency stated, “We believe no one should have to struggle so much to make a living as an independent insurance broker. Plus, we understand what it feels like to struggle to make Medicare sales because we started out that way, too. That’s why we partner with you, giving you the resources you need to be successful.”

Get Started Today

If you are interested in attending a live training, you can do so on a regular basis in person or over video call, with events being held roughly every 2 weeks; a full schedule can be found on the agency’s website. More information regarding the full range of training and support services that TAIA partners can receive can be found at

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