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Feb 1, 2024

Dr. David Bailey gives his expert opinions on the best SAD therapy lamps for adults in his updated comprehensive guide! Whether you’re looking for an affordable visor or a more high-tech lamp, Dr. Bailey has got you covered!

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is often misunderstood as a “passing phase”, especially for emotional people who just want a bit of sunlight. But the truth is, having SAD is the same as having depression—and we need to shed some light (pun intended) on the condition and how we can prevent it or minimize its effects.

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What is SAD?

Common symptoms of SAD include constant feelings of sadness, a loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed, and changes in appetite and sleep. Research suggests that depression is positively linked to the presence of sunlight: the less light you receive each day, the higher your risk of developing the condition.

SAD therapy lights, therefore, mimic natural light and trick your body to produce the necessary hormones for optimal health.

A trusted expert gives his opinion

Dr. David Bailey has updated his comprehensive guide to SAD lights for mood disorders. From the Luminette Light therapy glasses to the Moodozi light therapy lamps, he has reviewed a wide range of therapeutic tools that mimic natural sunlight and help reduce the effects of SAD.

Dr. Bailey’s list covers some of the best SAD lamps for adults to match every need and budget.

Best light therapy lamps for those on a budget

One of his highly recommended items is the Luminette light visor, specifically the Luminette 3. This pair of glasses is worn like typical eyeglasses while it delivers safe, therapeutic doses of light to the brain. Unlike traditional lamps that only radiate ultraviolet light to be absorbed by the skin, light therapy glasses transmit the light directly through the eyes. This leads to faster absorption and possibly more effective therapy.

“The Luminette 3 SAD Light Visor is much more comfortable and convenient to use than other devices,” he writes. “It is also one of the more affordable light therapy devices available, making it a great option for people looking for an effective but budget-friendly treatment for their SAD.”

In his guide, Dr. Bailey also compares other different light therapy lights, including Moodozi and several types of Caribbean sun therapy lamps.

Dr. Bailey writes, "There are many kinds of SAD lamps available nowadays. You can buy rectangular, small, upright lamps and position and use them the way you like. If you have to travel with your lamp, you can buy the smaller and portable variety as well. However, remember that you will have to use your lamp daily for the treatment of SAD."

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