Best Rhode Island Car Door Magnet Signs For Local Political Campaign Advertising

Nov 17, 2023

You have banners and signage that tout your political campaign on the ground – why not take your ads on the road? Big Daddy’s Signs now prints and ships car door magnets to Rhode Island – call +1-800-535-2139 to order yours!

Political campaign marketing can take many forms - don't neglect your vehicle when it comes to potential ad space! Big Daddy’s Signs is here with custom car door magnets that help you promote your party wherever you will go… way up high or down low!

The company’s latest product complements its existing physical signage items, giving you the means to pair your campaign materials with mobile marketing tools. While yard signs, banners, and teardrop flags are focused on generating awareness in a single location, car door magnets can do this in towns and regions far and wide.

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You now have access to advertising that can engage voters in neighboring areas throughout Rhode Island. Big Daddy’s Signs’ magnets stick onto vehicle exteriors, and when displaying campaign essentials, can boost recognition of your political policies in new areas as you travel from location to location.

In contrast to fixed physical advertising products that, while certainly effective, are relatively limited in their utilization, you can use weatherproof magnets in a range of settings. 

The New England print shop points to the versatility of its magnets, saying: “Vehicle magnets can be used on a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans - making them a versatile advertising tool.”

In addition to vehicle ads, magnets can be cut to serve as novel giveaways for prospective voters at rallies or public events. They can stick onto fridges as a personal remnant of support - or fellow supporters of your campaign can affix them to their own vehicles for increased local exposure. 

Such exposure comes from the unique designs that magnetized signs promote. Big Daddy’s Signs provides you with enhanced customization options that let you create standout displays while putting your own uploaded photos and witty slogans together with pre-created backgrounds in full color. 

When voters or those on the fence regarding their ballot decisions see these designs on nearby vehicles, they can be inspired to take action or seek out further information. Accordingly, make sure to include contact info and QR codes on your designs - you have the potential to increase your brand visibility even more on the road.

“Full color magnets for your political campaign can receive hundreds of views per day,” explains Big Daddy’s Signs. “Having a well-designed magnet on your vehicle can create recognition and help your campaign stand out from the competition.” 

With QR, U R sure to make your campaign a hot topic!

Whether you’re in Rhode Island or across New England, visit to learn more.

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