Best Residential Yard Drainage & Irrigation System Installations In League City

May 22, 2024

If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your yard and reduce water damage with the best drainage and landscaping service, call League City Drainage & Irrigation at 409-572-0824!

With LCDI's innovative drainage systems, your yard remains well-protected from storms, floods, and droughts. Keep your outdoor space looking its finest throughout the year without compromising on curb appeal? Get in touch today!

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Protect Your Yard

LCDI's landscaping and soil drainage improvement services are now available to homeowners across the Gulf Coast. Yard drainage prevents erosion, over-saturation, structural damage, and mold proliferation.

According to TexasReady, flooding is the most common natural disaster in the state. To reduce the risk of flooding, the agency recommends improving drainage around your property by installing drains to divert water before it can stagnate or cause erosion. Contractors at League City Drainage & Irrigation identify natural water flow patterns and landscape the area to guide water away from buildings.

Improve Outdoor Safety

LCDI landscaping services include options for outdoor lighting and yard leveling. By adding lights along a fence or patio, you can improve yard safety and transform the atmosphere and ambiance of your property. Leveling removes unsightly mounds to create safer and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Other LCDI landscaping services include the installation of root barriers and seamless gutters. By managing tree root growth, the root barriers prevent flooding and pooling, so you don't need to cut down the trees on your property. Old gutters can degrade and cause yards to flood. Seamless gutters and French drains have fewer joints, last longer, and are cheaper to repair, keeping properties looking beautiful for decades, explains LCDI.

About LCDI

League City Drainage & Irrigation specializes in diagnosing, treating, and improving the water flow on residential and commercial properties. The company provides you with customized solutions to prevent or remedy seasonal flooding, reverse flows, low spots, poor excess runoff, ineffective dry wells, and gutter leakage.

A satisfied client remarks: "My yard always floods in the spring and sometimes water even gets into one side of the house. I called League City Drainage, and they found some tree roots growing under my foundation, contributing to the flooding. They set up root barriers and I haven't had water in my home since. Thanks, League City Drainage & Irrigation."

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your yard in top shape before the next storm.

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