Best R2 Certified NY IT Disposition Group Recycles Decommissioned Hardware

Nov 10, 2023

For electronics disposition done right, turn to IT Asset Management Group. This R2-certified NY team is ready to take your unwanted tech and recycle it responsibly. Call +1-877-625-4872 now.

Make sure to dispose of obsolete IT hardware responsibly - our planet depends on it. IT Asset Management Group is in full agreement, offering affordable and sustainable disposition services to take your tech off your hands.

This team is here to improve access in New York City and the greater Tristate area to IT equipment disposal and secure data destruction solutions in line with R2 standards. IT Asset Management Group collects decommissioned corporate IT equipment from hardware refreshes, upgrades and outdated hardware that you no longer need.

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In addition to its R2-certified recycling procedures, the group is also equipped to provide: 

  • IT asset liquidation services
  • Onsite data erasure services
  • Onsite media shredding services

… all in line with the highest electronics recycling industry standards.

The safe disposition of surplus tech remains an extensive focus of eco-cognizant groups, with IT Asset Management Group emphasizing its support for your green initiatives. Compliant with R2 standards, its local full-service process follows approved safety and security measures together with environmentally friendly packaging and equipment transit methods. 

Outlining its approach to ensuring responsible eWaste recycling, a group representative added: “All electronic waste collected and generated by ITAMG is managed at our R2 certified facility and all downstream partners are vetted and audited in compliance with the R2 certification program.” 

Its main aim is to identify IT equipment for reuse. The company’s various partnerships allow it to appropriately designate your hardware and devices for resale or donations respectively, maximizing not only recovery value but also making a social impact.

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainable disposition procedures, IT Asset Management Group adheres to a reuse-recover-recycle hierarchy. The company safely disposes of any electronics waste that cannot be reused in a manner that protects the environment, their clients and their community and they require their partners do the same.

IT Asset Management Group continues to offer IT disposition solutions that align with green protocol expectations. The team notes its ongoing focus on helping you meet legal standards from all levels, spanning industry-wide and New York State-mandated regulations.

“Coming from a HIPAA compliant agency, R2, NIST and NAID compliance is a must,” said one client. “ITAMG has all the needed certifications to meet and exceed our requirements.”

You can arrange your quote for asset and inventory disposition via the company’s official website.

Unwanted hardware and servers take up valuable space - ITAMG knows how to help. 

If you’re in New York, visit to learn more about IT Asset Management Group’s wider services!

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