Best Public Adjusters In Kissimmee To Reopen Denied Hurricane Ian Damage Claims

Nov 29, 2022

If your home and your livelihood have been destroyed by Hurricane Ian and those cowboy insurance companies are stitching you up by not paying out on claims, call ProFloridian Public Adjusters! (954-588-7416)

Best Public Adjusters In Kissimmee To Reopen Denied Hurricane Ian Damage Claims

Has your home suffered damage from the Hurricane Ian disaster? Have you had a claim denied or underpaid by your insurance company? Fear not! Help is at hand! Talk to ProFloridian Public Adjusters and have your case reopened and reassessed to get the compensation you're entitled to.

ProFloridian helps clients like you who may be struggling to claim compensation from their insurance provider. The firm brings expertise in leveraging better outcomes for policyholders, defending your interests against the unscrupulous tactics of insurers who go to great lengths to avoid paying out on claims.

Get justice with Florida's leading Public Adjuster. Call ProFloridian today to get the ball rolling. More details at

Florida law offers a lifeline to hurricane victims by permitting individuals to hire public adjusters to reassess claims that have been underpaid or denied. The ProFloridian team only takes commission as a percentage of the total insurance sum. The no-win, no-fee system means you don't pay a cent until you get compensated.

According to The New York Times, Hurricane Ian was the fifth most powerful storm ever to hit the US in terms of wind speed. Casualties and damage to property were suffered across the state of Florida, the Carolinas, and Cuba as a result of this category 4 Atlantic storm. An article by City A.M. suggests that Hurricane Ian could be the insurance sector's biggest loss since Hurricane Katrina.

ProFloridian Public Adjusters are legally permitted to reopen and re-analyze insurance claims. This includes a fresh inspection of your property, gathering evidence, and calculating the cost of repairs needed. The firm ensures that insurance companies are held to account for inferior damage assessments and the use of superficial documentation to support the denial of your claim.

About ProFloridian Public Adjusters

The company's offices are located at 2598 East Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale and the team serves clients living in areas such as Boca Raton, Broward, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. ProFloridian has been helping the people of Florida with insurance claim solutions since 2011.

A spokesperson says, “We’ve always served our clients to the best of our abilities, fighting tooth and nail to obtain maximum compensation for their losses. Hurricane Ian was almost as devastating as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, so the scale of the property losses is almost unprecedented in over a decade. We’ll give you an honest opinion about the success/failure chances of reopening the denied or underpaid claim.”

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ProFloridian Public Adjusters bring the calm after the storm. Reinstate your Hurricane Ian claim today!

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