Best Primal Strength & Cardio Holistic Coaching Program In Newmarket, Brisbane

May 31, 2024

Do you want to discover the full potential of your body and regain your confidence and flexibility? PrimalThenics in Brisbane is the answer.

The Primal Credo

Millions of years ago, our ancestors were the terror of the plains. We were - and still are - the greatest apex predator this planet has ever seen. Our endurance and dauntless strength allowed us to take down the mighty woolly mammoth, the fearsome sabertooth tiger, and other remarkable megafauna. This explosive capability still lies within us, dormant and buried... but it can be released again!

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Primal fitness training takes the principles that allowed ancient peoples to so effectively survive in the world's harshest environments and translates them into a modern context. Strength, speed, and ceaseless endurance - this is the PrimalThenics way.

PrimalThenics: The Program You Have Been Looking For

The PrimalThenics program focuses on high-intensity workouts that target mobility and the building of lean muscle throughout the body. Accessible to all, PrimalThenics encourages accountability and long-term growth through holistic personal coaching and regularly scheduled group sessions.

When you join, you will become a part of a dedicated community of highly motivated individuals all striving to embody the primal fitness ideals. Together, you will charge forward toward a more sustainable fitness future.

The Brisbane gym holds “primal” fitness sessions on a rotating basis, focusing on cardio, strength, and endurance depending on the day of the week. Aquatic fitness, polar plunges, and combat fitness training are also staples of the rotating schedule, and are the ultimate goal if you wish to experience the program at its full potential.

Explore The Primal Philosophy

If you would like to learn more about the primal fitness philosophy, you can download a free guide to learn the basics before joining the program. PrimalThenics has also published a range of ebooks on the maintenance of a “primal” physique, how to support the program through a healthy diet, and how to apply the primal philosophy in everyday life.

One participant stated, “Chris and his PrimalThenics program are amazing, and for me, it’s been an absolute game-changer and all very achievable. After three months I have lost more than 10 kilograms, gained muscle mass, and have renewed energy levels. My better health has also had a direct impact on my personal and professional lives as my increased energy levels have encouraged me to do better across the board.”

Join The Program Today

If you live in Newmarket and would like to apply, you can fill out the form on the gym’s website. PrimalThenics also maintains a fitness app that can be used for those outside of the gym’s service range to hold similar workouts at home using basic equipment.

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