Best Preventative Healthcare Clinic In Muscatine Offers Annual Physical Checkups

Aug 7, 2023

Amana Care Clinic (563-263-1903) is on a mission to get the people of Muscatine, Iowa, into a state of unparalleled good health with their new annual health checks.

You only have one body. If you want it to go the distance, you need to bring it in for regular maintenance.

Thankfully, Amana Care Clinic—who has long provided high-quality healthcare services to people in Muscatine—has a new physical checkup service that is perfect for you if you want a comprehensive full body exam for a clear picture of your overall health.

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Amana Care Clinic recommends that before you return to school or work after your summer vacation, you book in for your annual full body exam. They believe that before the busy September season starts, now is the ideal moment to take some time for your health.

As a recent article by the Cleveland Clinic explained, an annual physical exam is the best way to catch and treat diseases and illnesses early, especially chronic diseases like diabetes or heart or lung disease. Annual physicals, when conducted by highly trained, experienced and empathetic medical professionals—like the ones at Amana Care Clinic—can also help you make meaningful lifestyle changes that can improve your health outcomes.

In Amana Care Clinic’s annual full body exams, they will do a number of standard diagnostic tests, including checking your heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, lymph nodes, and more. They will also issue full blood work tests and will ask you a series of both standard and personalized questions intended to review each organ system. An internal exam like a prostate exam may also be recommended, depending upon your age and gender.

Amana Care Clinic is a comprehensive primary and emergency healthcare clinic that can offer most diagnostic services and treatment plans in-house.

A spokesperson for the healthcare clinic said, “The certified staff at Amana Care Clinic is among the best available for quickly diagnosing and treating patients with urgent care needs. The team makes full use of the facilities, from the state-of-the-art procedure and exam rooms to the X-ray and laboratory equipment.”

If your body’s been feeling a little rusty or clunky lately, book it in for your annual tune-up at Amana Care Clinic.

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