Best Post Acute Care Medical Supplies Manufactured In USA With Fast Shipping

Apr 19, 2024

Get all the medical supplies you need for post-acute care facilities, faster than ever, from right here in the USA. SurgiMac has partnered with all the major medical supply brands to bring you the top products at bulk rates, with same-day shipping.

Have you been paying full price for your medical supplies?

I'm not just asking about your surgical instruments either, if you've been paying full price for surface disinfectants, personal protective equipment, apparel, wound care products, or anything related - please stop.

SurgiMac’s membership program for medical and dental professionals includes a huge variety of supplies for post-acute care workers and facilities, and it's super easy to access bulk rates for all SurgiMac brand instruments and apparel, as well as supplies from the company’s authorized partners.

If you haven't heard of SurgiMac before, where have you been hiding for the last few years? They've become the go-to solution for many US healthcare professionals, but don't take my word for it, check out their lab supplies for yourself at

The big question many people want to know is, how hard is it to qualify for these bulk rates?

It sounds great, but where's the catch? Do you have to sign a long contract or pay for registration fees?

You could do those things - I'm sure they wouldn't mind, but all they really ask is for you to fill out a form on their website. It only takes a minute or two, and it doesn't ask for any complicated information. This will provide access to the full range of bulk rate options, the same-day shipping program, and a selection of products such as anesthetics, which are unavailable to the general public.

Remember, it's not just their own products that are available at bulk rates - SurgiMac carries just about everything a medical facility needs, other than maybe the office supplies, you'll have to look somewhere else for those.

As an authorized partner for several major medical brands, SurgiMac is able to provide hospital-grade disinfectants, surgical instruments, and medical supplies at bulk rates to any health professional working in a clinical setting. While the company manufactures its own brand of disposable masks, scalpels, gloves, surgical instruments, and apparel, it also partnered with major suppliers such as PDI, Pierrel Pharma, and Dynarex.

Now about this same-day shipping - how does that work?

This is important, because a same-day shipping service that ships from halfway around the world, doesn't really help that much.

To provide the fastest possible shipping times, SurgiMac uses a network of warehouses located from coast to coast, inside the USA, and will always ship from the warehouse closest to you, whenever possible. Oh, and did I mention that same-day service is totally free?

To access same-day shipping for any delivery, at no additional cost, members only have to complete their order before Noon, EST, to have that order fulfilled the same day. If you're not a member yet, well, just go sign up!

Seriously, it only takes a minute, and it's free. You can get all the details, and learn about all the benefits of joining the SurgiMac community, at

You can find detailed information for every product on the SurgiMac website, including a list of EPA certifications, and any additional instructions from the manufacturer. If you're looking for a product that is not available on the SurgiMac website, don't worry. Just contact a representative, and they will either help you to find what you are looking for, or they can order something comparable from a similar brand.

While you're there, check out their full range of surface disinfectants, which includes gentle products for post-acute care facilities that are EPA-certified to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, and Candida Auris, within just two minutes of application.

If you're going to get bulk rates on the best products - there's no reason not to use the premium option, and make your life a little easier along the way.

For all the best supplies, at all the best prices, it has to be SurgiMac.

Visit and register today to access the bulk rates and same-day shipping service.

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