Best Pillowcase Gift: For Pure Silk, Try Emerald Garden As A Bedding Must-Have

Dec 10, 2023

Premium pillowcases that effectively pamper your skin and hair overnight are available now – contact London’s own Mayfairsilk at +44-20-3885-2223 to learn more about its Emerald Garden silk, perfect for gifts.

For sleep that won’t leave you in a heap, try resting your head on the softest silk. Mayfairsilk specialises in pillowcases made from exactly that, and its limited edition Emerald Garden assures a tranquil night’s rest.

Beyond its luxury patterned style, this silk pillowcase is crafted in pursuit of optimal sleep through temperature-regulating materials. Ideal as a birthday or Christmas gift, the product offers skin-hydrating benefits while helping to prevent fine lines due to its smooth and low-friction feel.

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Featuring a unique design reminiscent of springtime serenity, the pillowcase is fashioned with the highest grade of long-fibre silk. This contributes to its notable softness, targeting relaxed nightlong comfort you’ll love.

In addition, its qualities are conducive to well-maintained hair - made to reduce the chances of tangles or frizziness from developing. Mayfairsilk refers to the improvements in hair lustre that you’ll see through continued usage of its Emerald Garden and other silk pillowcases, minimising static while alleviating concerns over hair breakage and dry strands.

“Our silk's innate qualities outshine cotton,” explains a company representative, “Providing both glossier locks and optimally hydrated skin. Move beyond the mundane with cotton and immerse yourself in the opulence of Emerald Garden – a change you'll celebrate every night.”

In line with Mayfairsilk’s commitment to hygiene and safety, its silk pillowcases have been certified as lacking toxic dye or chemicals in their structural makeup. Further, they are hypoallergenic - resistant to dust and other indoor pollutants, its products can help you secure undisturbed sleep and ongoing health.

The company also notes that the durable silk materials evident in its products offer extended longevity. Alongside their positive impact on your hair and skin, they offer an array of benefits over cotton alternatives, says Mayfairsilk - requiring fewer machine washes over time.

Mayfairsilk’s limited Emerald Garden pillowcase joins a growing range of biodegradable silk bedding, including sheets, duvet covers, and sleep masks. As a testament to its relationship with its clientele, Mayfairsilk produces and ships its latest pillowcase from London in a luxurious gift box for added charm.

Introducing its products, a Mayfairsilk spokesperson said: “Designed in London - inspired by timeless style, elegance and attention to detail. Elevate your sleep with our exclusive range of silk bedding and lifestyle accessories - all carefully handcrafted using the finest Mulberry silk in our bespoke weave and finish.”

The right pillowcase can turn your bedroom into a luxury salon - order yours today.

Visit to learn more about Mayfairsilk and its full product collection! 

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