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Mar 22, 2024

Want to turn your house into a home? Kristen Ketterson can help you do exactly that, so call Interior Motifs at +1-602-515-8894 to book award-winning interior design services in Phoenix!

Best Phoenix Interior Designer At Your Service!

Interior design projects can be overwhelming with all the options out there. Luckily, you don't have to do everything yourself. From the East Valley to Scottsdale and beyond, Interior Motifs is here to transform your home before your eyes!

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Headed by certified professional interior designer Kristen Ketterson, the company offers you access to its full-service home design expertise. Interior Motifs is known and loved throughout Greater Phoenix, so book your in-home appointment without delay…

Spanning concept to completion, the company’s services cover planning and preparation all the way through to the final creation. Its main goal? To help you bring your perfect idea of a memorable atmosphere to life as part of a theme that meets your aesthetic and practical needs.

Ketterson brings a wide array of specialities to your Phoenix-area community, proficient at accessorizing, space planning, and furniture arrangement. The company will also advise you on lighting and paint color, identifying combinations that achieve and accentuate the stylistic choice you want!

“Kristen Ketterson offers the passion, knowledge and experience to make your interior design dreams become a reality,” says a company representative. “With her wide style range from contemporary to old world, she is always able to meet any needs and desires of her clients.”

Interior Motifs maintains a working partnership with proven contractors in sourcing home items and design additions that are both affordable and high-quality. You can trust Ketterson to handle and oversee the entire project - extending from color coordination to the acquisition of furniture, art, rugs, and more. Leave everything to her!

About Interior Motifs…

As a distinguished American Institute of Interior Design graduate, Ketterson’s professional and academic prowess has led to Interior Motifs being recognized within the wider home industry. Among other awards, the company has received multiple titles from Houzz for its unparalleled customer service and design… and it’s time you learned why.

Check out its website to see a full gallery showcasing examples of Interior Motifs’ home design capabilities! You’ll find designs that marry concepts and styles from European and American origin - your perfect style is waiting.

One prior client said of their experience with Interior Motifs: “Kristen really takes an interest in the lifestyle and tastes of her clients so she can help them design a home that is both beautiful and functional. She always makes sure the colors, layout and function of your home will lend itself to best complement your lifestyle.”

Now, you too can make your home the talk of your town…

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