Best OPEP Device For Chronic Bronchitis: AirPhysio From Life Wellness Healthcare

Jan 13, 2022

If you’re tired of spitting out mucus, Life Wellness Healthcare has a drug-free device that will clear your airways. The AirPhysio is here to help you manage your chronic bronchitis.

Living with chronic bronchitis is no fun. You start coughing for no reason and then – to make things worse – you have to seclude yourself in the bathroom or a dark corner to spit in privacy. Fear not, with the all-natural AirPhysio device, you can finally breathe easy.

Did you know that chronic bronchitis affects 9 million adults across the US? That’s no small feat. If you suffer from this fairly common respiratory condition, you can manage your symptoms with this lightweight lung expansion device.

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The AirPhysio works by expanding your lungs and clearing your airways, enabling you to breathe easier. Using the device once to twice a day has been proven to relieve symptoms like coughing and mucus buildup.

As you know, with bronchitis, the bronchial tubes which carry the air to and from your lungs get inflamed. As a result, you often have to cough out thickened and discolored mucus. Yuck! The AirPhysio was designed to alleviate these symptoms – the natural way. No meds, no invasive treatments.

Using Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP), the drug-free breathing device aids your body’s natural mucus clearing process. Vibration and positive pressure loosen the mucus and push it out of your nose – it’s that easy.

This process helps expand and strengthen your lungs, allowing you to breathe deeper and easier. You should use the device for one to five minutes, no more than one or two times a day. With consistent use coupled with your prescribed treatment, you can improve airflow allowing you to once again enjoy everyday life activities. Go for a run, or a hike – whatever it is you miss doing.

The device has proven effective for people of all ages, and has helped even professional athletes, singers, and wind instrument musicians. Aside from chronic bronchitis, the AirPhysio can help those suffering from COPD, cystic fibrosis, asthma, and more.

Brought to you by Life Wellness Healthcare.

This Australia-based company was founded to cater to the needs of people with respiratory conditions. With first-hand experience, the team is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to make your life easier. Featured in high-authority news outlets, the AirPhysio is their most popular item.

A satisfied customer said, “This is a simple yet very effective device. I’ve suffered from lung challenges for many years and I instantly felt an improvement the first day I started using this. Consistency is key but it sure works.”

Easy, breezy! With AirPhysio, you can finally take back control from chronic bronchitis.

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