Best Online Breathwork Teacher Training Course Includes Live Practicum Sessions

Apr 13, 2023

NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online has opened enrolments for their next Breathwork Facilitator Training program. A course unlike any other, this online 6-month program will help you become a certified breathwork coach.

Best Online Breathwork Teacher Training Course Includes Live Practicum Sessions

NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online believes that breath is the metronome of our existence, and that when we harness it, we can change our physical, mental and emotional reality.

Their online Breathwork Facilitator Training program is for you if you are looking to discover more about the breathwork process in order to guide others through the use of this healing tool. In their online course, the company will teach you their patented model of NeuroDynamic Breathwork™. This model uses structured breathing and dynamic music as a way to facilitate conscious embodiment, emotional health, and personal empowerment.

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NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online has opened up the registrations for their September 2023 session as their current March 2023 session has just commenced. The wellness experts are announcing the new sessions in response to the ongoing popularity of breathwork in the community, especially among professionals like life coaches, psychologists, personal development coaches, therapists, yoga instructors, and embodied movement specialists.

The NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality is based on the principle of radical self-empowerment and uses a combination of focused breathing and dynamic music to achieve a deep state of awareness. Through this state, participants can address unconscious blockages and old thinking patterns, and process and release emotions.

The breathwork experts state their method has proven benefits, including a 89% relief from anxiety, 84% relief from trauma, and 67% relief from depression. 75% of session participants reported feeling greater access to inner wisdom and intelligence and 61% reported an increased connection to intuition.

The science-based course runs over 6 months and represents over 350 hours of substantial learning, comprising live online training lessons and a fully structured complementary study curriculum. You will also complete practicum breathwork sessions.

In NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online’s Breathwork Facilitator Training program, you will learn their unique non-directive approach to breathwork facilitation. This approach is fundamentally a self-guided one, meaning you won’t interfere with your participants’ breathwork journey.

NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online believes that their online training course will allow you to master the specific techniques of breathwork and become a professional facilitator who is able to support the healing of those around you. In doing so, you will contribute to the global consciousness healing and uplifting movement.

A spokesperson for the certified and specialized breathwork experts said, “We’ve pooled our team’s 40 collective years of breathwork training facilitation and teaching to bring you one of the best breathwork training programs you will find today in terms of quality, depth, value and student ratio.”

NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online believes that the wisest one-word sentence is: Breathe.

Visit to learn how NeuroDynamic Breathwork Online can help you to become a breathwork instructor capable of helping those around you.

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