Best Near North Side Chicago Ketamine Infusion Therapy Can Counter Depression

Nov 30, 2023

Tired of pills that only seem to deepen your depression? If prior treatments haven’t worked, turn to IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago for groundbreaking ketamine infusions! Call +1-844-948-6337 to get started.

Are you showing a lack of progress with your current depression medication? No wonder - IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago points to a mere 60% success rate for such pills, alongside numerous nasty side effects. 

That’s exactly why this center is improving local access to depression treatment routes that serve as an alternative to prescription antidepressant medication. You don’t want to suffer with other symptoms on top of depression, so replacement therapy is crucial. Ketamine can help you find better health; here’s how. 

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Offered on an outpatient basis, IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago’s program implements ketamine infusions in a private setting. A breakthrough in countering mental ailments, the medication is distinct as a fast-acting response for patients presenting with suicidal ideations and severe depression. If that’s you, help is at hand in Chicago.

The viability of ketamine as an appropriate medicative solution for treatment-resistant depression continues to make waves in the medical field. IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago cites the drug’s rising reputation in the context of ailment treatment, with recent research showing promising results for those battling depression in particular.

“Multiple randomized clinical studies over the past 15 years have shown that ketamine infusions can effectively treat major depression with a success rate as high as 80%,” explains a center representative. “Most patients have immediate improvement after their first or second infusion.”

Safety is a central priority for IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago - the center points to the low dosage used in its infusion treatments to assure you of their overall innocuousness. As a result of the program’s design, its treatments are described as non-addictive with minimal side effects that won’t overshadow the benefits you’ll experience.

Centered by initial feelings of relaxation and freedom, the usage of ketamine can help you find lasting relief from depressive thoughts in addition to an improved disposition. Treatments are customized based on assessments of your unique disorder, with dosages adjusted depending on your response to accommodate your medical needs.

Led by Dr. Bal Nandra, a product of University of Chicago Hospitals Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care’s established program, the center continues to bring intravenous treatment to patients just like you. Its ketamine infusion therapy option can also be utilized to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia to great effect.

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One patient said of their experience: “This place was truly something I didn’t know I needed for fighting my depression and anxiety until I tried it. I feel renewed and have realized I no longer depend on my medicine to stabilize my mood.”

Ready to book your free consultation? Call IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago over the phone to find relief.

Ketamine can kickstart the uplift you’ve been looking for…

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