Best Nashville Shrink Wrap & Floor Padding Relocation Services For The Elderly

Dec 16, 2022

Telling Grandma she may want to throw some stuff away before the big move – and getting her to do it! – can be as challenging as the move itself. Call True Friends Moving Company (615-240-2811) – they can help!

Best Nashville Shrink Wrap & Floor Padding Relocation Services For The Elderly

When you’re helping a senior downsize just remember - letting go/losing control over your life is difficult. Empathize. And what looks like trash to you just might have meaning for grandma. Yeah, you might be in a hurry. But she isn't!

The company’s updated services better accommodate seniors who might otherwise struggle due to compromised mobility or physical health issues. Moreover, the firm has published a guide detailing the steps seniors and/or their caretakers (that's you, isn't it?!) can take when preparing for and managing their relocations.

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True Friends Moving Company now offers full-service packing and moving services that eliminate the need for heavy lifting and provide shrink-wrap protection - from dust and damage - for all the customer’s belongings. By providing actionable tips in advance of the planned move, True Friends helps you enjoy a stress-free move, without the last-minute confusion and miscommunication that often accompanies relocations.

It can be challenging to help an elderly person adjust to a new environment and learn to let go of sentimental belongings. Elderly people may also have health problems, and safety concerns frequently arise during moves, further complicating matters. Relocation Stress Syndrome, also known as "transfer trauma," is a group of symptoms that appear when a person moves from one setting to another. In older persons, it can cause a loss in physical and psychological health, which can result in serious health issues. Due to these factors, senior citizens may need extra help when downsizing, planning, and physically moving.

True Friends advises you to establish clear milestones prior to the moving date. For example, a month prior to the relocation, the utility company should be contacted for coordinating shut-off and turn-on service dates, a change of address form can be filed with USPS, and relevant service providers - such as banks and pharmacies - should be notified of the move.

The company’s services include floor padding, disassembling and reassembling your loved one's furniture, disconnecting and reconnecting all appliances, and removing undesired home goods. True Friends’ mission is to make moving as simple as possible for seniors and their families. The firm has experience handling the many sensitive scenarios that can occur with senior relocation - and they offer compassionate and personalized moving services taking into account the psychological well-being of the person you've been entrusted to care for.

One customer commented: “I could not have been more pleased with this company. They are the best I have used in Nashville (out of three). They were the fastest I've used, but they were also just naturally careful. They just did it right and I had peace of mind. And they were courteous the whole time. Absolute professionals.”

You really don't want to leave grandma to her own devices - if you have any say in the matter! There's just too much that can go wrong or get overlooked. If you've ever moved - brimming with confidence and purpose - you've learned this lesson well!

You can call 615-240-2811 or go to and take a look at some of the resources that can help you with the planning part. Good luck!

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