Best Multi-Channel Sales & Reputation Management Platform For Small Businesses

Jul 10, 2024

Nothing is more important than a positive review score when running a business online – and now, Kyrios Systems can help you manage your reputation across all platforms simultaneously.

Reviews: The Make-Or-Break For Modern Businesses

Which would you rather have right now: $10,000, or a 5-star rating on Google? If you answered "option 2", then chances are you are a savvy business owner. The potential profit you could be earning with a great review score on Google or Facebook far outweighs the temporary allure of an instant payout. Even better: that 5-star rating could be yours - all you need is the new reputation management software from Kyrios Systems!

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With Kyrios Systems, reputation management is a process that will save you both time and effort where it really counts. Not only will the system aggregate and display your positive reviews across all channels, but it will also help you repair the damage done by negative reviews quickly and easily.

Powerful Automation Tools

Specifically, the platform's proprietary Kyrios AI system can automatically request reviews, respond to positive testimonials, and collect responses across all channels - including email and SMS. Building a trustworthy image for your business has never been easier thanks to this toolkit.

Not only that, but these automation capabilities can be integrated with the other capabilities of the Kyrios platform, allowing you to build an almost entirely automated workflow, from web design to customer service and beyond!

Versatile Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes

Unique to this platform is the ability for businesses with multiple locations to create aggregated scores for each location independently, all from the same centralized dashboard. The platform is updated in real-time and will give you the data collection tools necessary to get a real picture of what customers are saying and what you need to do as a business owner to improve across your entire operation.

Damage Control Made Easy

This system is also intended to help mitigate negative reviews by giving your team the opportunity to offer further help to customers who may have had a bad experience. This differs from other similar tools, which may directly suppress bad reviews or generate fake positive reviews to drown out negative experiences - a tactic that most consumers regard as dishonest.

A spokesperson explains further, “Our simple review process filters people who had an unfavorable experience so that you can handle it before they are given an opportunity to leave a negative review online. This is a great tool to gain valuable feedback from customers and resolve issues that may be impacting others.”

Try It Free

The Kyrios Systems platform is available to try for free for 14 days following a guided demo provided by their team. If you are interested in this reputation management toolkit or in any of the platform’s other capabilities, you can read more and view subscription packages at the link below.

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